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Except that you do have to watch the expiration dates of some drugs. That should be pointed out in the article. This is from the Harvard University site http://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/drug-expiration-dates-do-they-mean-anything

It's true the effectiveness of a drug may decrease over time, but much of the original potency still remains even a decade after the expiration date. Excluding nitroglycerin, insulin, and liquid antibiotics, most medications are as long-lasting as the ones tested by the military.
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I love this post! Especially since the people who make the Action Trackchair (which is what this one is) are good friends. Sending them a link to the video!!
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I read "George Washington's Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution" sometime this last year and was startled to find the descriptions of Manhattan there- green, wooded areas, farms, swamps- in short, much like what the beginning of this article describes. Obviously, it hasn't been one sprawling metropolis forever...but I had never really thought about much before.
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I doubt it's harder than I think. However, having looked at this and seeing the pic of Green Boots and reading the accompanying bit there, I'm now nearly physically ill. I like living too much to think about doing something like this! And I have a pretty decent, happy, eventful, interesting- keep picking nice adjectives, they'll work- life without Everest. I will keep smiling and loving my life ThankYouVeryMuch!!! ;)
Interesting article, by the way!
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Well we had a student parking lot (back in the 80's in Indiana) but no reserved spots. Lot was always full. And I have almost no other memories of that parking lot! I guess it was pretty straight forward and unremarkable!
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My mom always used a pressure cooker for canning and taught me how (after I was in my teens and AFTER she'd instilled a healthy respect and a bit of fear in me about it). And we never had any disasters. But I, too, am scared of them and happy enough to do things some other way now! My favorite is also the slow cooker now. And for canning? Water bath and seal or oven- both work well.
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Several years ago, some friends and I were visiting the old town of Krakow, Poland. There was a man buscing- playing guitar and singing. He was really good and had quite an audience...and he was singing 'Sweet Home Alabama'- only he was singing in Polish! Loved it!
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Good for laughs, for sure!
Unfortunately, they sometimes put others in danger, too. Some of those people wandering around in the middle of sports events caused some damage to themselves as well as people who were moving pretty fast. Kind of stupid, really.
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I was thinking 'Get some oil'. But at one point in the video, I did wonder if he could crawl through. And you have to wonder if that's how he got into the situation to begin with.
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To try to make the bed fit, I think......................

At least his back end won't get cold.
And I do wonder if he's aware that something's a bit off.
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And part 4
For some reason, when I was in 8th grade, the entire middle school was shown the whole thing- Making of MJ's Thriller. I thought it was totally cool then.
Looking at it now, I'm struck by Michael. He was so small, his voice so childish. And he could dance! Thanks for posting this.
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And I'm just glad that, for once, the person posting the video didn't cover up all the sweet sounds with some soundtrack. I love that you can hear the cat sounds in the background!!
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oh boy.
And today someone texted me that we should ABSOLUTELY not be buying or eating bananas because ebola can be transmitted on all those African bananas; Russian TV is warning their audience about this. So this doesn't exactly fall into a conspiracy theory but it does point out how ignorance is broadcast for truth by the mass media. (It was when I read Rush Limbaugh's idiotic statement at the link that the banana warning came to mind.) Ugh.
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Elton John, Brian May (a favorite of mine), Stevie Wonder (although I didn't immediately recognize him- how is that?!). But I missed most of them, obviously. (I wish they'd photoshopped Freddie M in, though!) ;)
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Some of those are not the local WalMart employees but the buyers- The underwear, for instance. That is poor taste for a store like WalMart. (Well, OK- the employee that put it on the floor is pathetic, too.)
And those labels and 'best by' tags- Is there not a law about this? My word. I'm sticking by my principle of never buying pre-packaged donuts. Gross.
I no longer live in the US but the last time I was home, I got so disgusted with WalMart that I avoided it as much as possible. There are alternatives to WalMart. Sadly, not nearly as many as there should be. But the store is much less than desirable for many reasons. I will not mourn the passing of WalMart...if that ever happens.
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Like a lot of lists, this one seems to exist solely to give the creator a way to show off his swear word vocab. This shows 2 things: 1) He can cuss and 2) His own candy preference.
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Loved this!

Except for Neatorama (and my other favorite fun site) I don't read the comments. Anywhere. Ever. They truly will make you despair for humanity.
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