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If I had to pick based on those pictures, I'd STILL go with Firefox. C'mon, who WOULDN'T want a big orange truck with a plow, a spoiler, and a frickin' shark fin?!
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I wonder if there could be a symbiotic relationship there if the flies that normally would buzz around the impala's head get caught in the web. The impala gets pest control services and the spider gets well-fed.
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Nothing says "Here comes the future of green tech" like a celebrity from the 1980's who has become a punchline for jokes about environmentalism. What, the crying Indian wasn't available?
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It's only vague sometimes, Jennie, and in those cases (like what you describe) they probably wouldn't enforce the rule. There's a difference between plaid pants with boots and a t-shirt versus white pajama bottoms covered with teddy bears and a pair of Winnie the Pooh bedroom slippers.
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I'm not comfortable with the idea of stores instituting dress codes, but in this case I don't have a problem with it. I hate going to Walmart on the weekend and seeing slobs shuffling around in their pajamas and slippers.
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Cookies. But I guess that's not really "weird" since it's basically the same as dunking Biscotti. If I'm out of creamer I sometimes add some ice cream to my coffee, but I guess that doesn't really count as dunking.
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In addition to putting the rape victim into greater danger by enraging her attacker, widespread usage of a device like this would probably lead to an increase in anal rape. This is a very short-sighted and poorly thought-out solution.
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