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Theres something about mammals that are always going to be cute to me. These two little guys are like brown spikey potatoes... and yet... still cute.
If they were a type of fish, or insects I'd be repulsed by now, but being mammals they get the green light no matter what. I wonder if some part of our brain keeps a "no matter what" mamailian family bond. Hmmm. weird.
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I don't know martial arts, so maybe I'm wrong... but wouldn't the "weak point" be the leg the person is standing on? Not the one in the air they're going to kick with?
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There are some places I will NEVER tip. Starbucks being one of them. Sorry starbucks employees OH EXCUSE ME *fancy MOCKING voice* Baristas,I know you *think* you're better than McDonalds but to me you're still fast food. Everything is pre-made. You aren't inventing squat. You aren't back there roasting beans slowly stirring them by hand for extra freshness. You're following employee instructions. Probably from a presentation video.
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I'm sure in another 70+ years we'll be looking at Ads for today in the same way.
Fastfood ads are probably going to be a big one.
"I'm lovin' it? More like I'm lardin' it! Hur-hur!"
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I wish America would get rid of the stupid FORCED tipping thing completely.
Tips are SUPPOSED to be a bonus for exceptionally GOOD service. NOT a right, or something that is just owed to you. Effin self entitled Americans...
I know, I know... we are all fantastic pretty special snowflakes and should be getting no less than what we deserve. The restaurant industry is lucky their jobs can't be sent overseas because they get far more than they're worth. Following instructions and putting down a plate of food is NOT hard.
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