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Awh... giving it away to charities? If I had money to give away... I'd give it to an individual (with some research) not charities that already mis-use a good portion of their donations paying their top execs.
Man... :/
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"She took the money to a local bank to verify its authenticity and that was how we heard about it. She didn’t give a cent back to the thrift shop, either. A deeply frustrating experience for many, I can assure you.”

Payback, imo. I lived for years near a Goodwill, and its amazing how much stuff will never see the shelves that they just turn around and sell privately to whoever is going to pay the most. It never failed to put a smile on my face when something managed to slip past their greed filter.
Its even better when they suspect your item its worth something when you bring it to the front, but some "new guy" mis-marked it and they have to sell it to you for $1.
I love that look on their faces, that bitter angry look. Hearing about the "frustration" over things you get FOR FREE to start with, gives me warm fuzzies. Good for her for not sharing, imo. Fair game.
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Good job, nice turtle... but as an artist confessing: The sea turtle is one of the easier critters out there to sculpt. Horses and humans on the otherhand... man what a pain.
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Something about it is appealing. Not the chainsaw OR the hello-kitty theme, but the colors...the chipped hot pink paint on dull gray metal, and that shade of blue on the blade next to the intricate complexity of the chain in browns and brassy colors.

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There's a fine line between riding into the sunset, and running into the ground. I applaud Bill Watterson, for knowing the difference.
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So true. I hate how humans work. I don't know why news media even needs to cover memes, its so friggin old by then.
Heres an idea, if you JUST learned of a new Meme. Assume the rest of us are already in on the joke, got bored of it, and moved on. DO NOT e-mail it. FFS.
Tell nobody, let it die.
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Most thoughts of the pyramids and Egypt stir thoughts of ancient statues, the riverbed of the Nile, old times, interesting rituals, and ancient ways. When I think of Egypt I think of ancient pharaohs, deep meditative moments, of a sun setting in the dusty desert with picturesque camels.

A PIZZA HUT? For *insert curse word* sake. This is very wrong. And i don't mean that in a "lol-kekeke dude thats messed up" way.

I mean: It should not be there. The people of the area should be very VERY offended, and any tourist spotting the eyesore should be completely and utterly ashamed of the USA and EVEN MORE ashamed if they step foot inside.
Pizza hut...KFC? Seriously... No. What the hell is wrong with you, corporate greedy people?
Can't we hold anything sacred? Can't we keep SOME of our dreams without a Nike logo slapped across it?
This is just very profoundly saddening. Seeing that just makes me depressed.

Just plaster a Pepsi logo across the moon already... When I look up at the stary sky in its infinite wonder, I want to be sure I know which brand to drink.
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Oregon really needs to split at the mountains. (East and West). The west sucks up all the state money and the East is very poor, and suffering. East could get proper Gov assistance, if it were its own state.
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So long as Muslim is the dominant force in the area, you can count me out as a tourist. I'm no feminist, but their brand of female opression is just too much for me.
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Those apples in the pic look very round and small. Good luck getting the right shape apples every time you want to fill this thing up. I bet they get stuck too.
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Hmm... that will make me think twice before buying anything that says "Dry clean only"... having the pricetag of dry cleaning added to your clothing before you even wear it? That dosn't sit well with me.
(Or just never buy anything that says "dry clean only"... Might be wiser.)
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"How about teaching men not to rape women?

Or is that too much to hope for?"

According to studies, sex is all guys really give lengthy thought to. Develop a drug/pill that gets rid of that urge and you might have a shot.
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I think this would be a device that wouldn't help the victim, but perhaps help in figuring out who her attacker was (when he goes for medical treatment), and also perhaps scare a "lesser" potential rapist in the future, when rumors of bloody appendages start to circulate ala "urban legend" style. Making the risk seem greater than the reward.
The original person though, has made a bad situation worse.
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The dog mayyyyybee had advance warning...but what good did it do for the dog? The dog runs off in a random direction not knowing its ass from the exit.
Early Earthquake warning vs Brains during earthquake = brains still win.
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Speaking of Netflix. It used to be cool... now EVERYONE is using it and I have to deal with "short wait" "long wait" on a good chunk of the movies I want to watch when new releases are available. It never used to be that way! They are cramming in new customers beyond the available resources.
How is this good service?? its annoying!
Reminds me of the titanic... too many people...not enough boats.
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I'd be in favor of Eye tatoo'ing done for people who have Heterochromia (on the iris though, not the white).
Or for people who have eye color they're unhappy with and want to go from like blue to green or brown.
The rest is just silly. This guy looks freaky and not "ooh freaky cool"
just... "theres a guy who makes stupid choices. Freak."
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My convo:

Me: Tic Tac Toe.
Comp: I like that.
Me: Why?
Comp: They're fun to listen to.
Me: Tic tac Toe is a game.
Comp: I lost the game.
Me: Yes, you did.
Comp: You did too.
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