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This experiment has always bothered me. Just how it is so generic in that it can really be apply to a whole bunch of situations. Ex: My flatmate is in the other room, I haven't heard or talked to him for hours. I know he's out there, I'm just in here. So in this mans thinking, my flatmate must be both dead AND alive. Well thats not how physics works. Something can't be BOTH dead AND alive. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Not an equal or opposite reaction to an action that may or may not have happened in the first place. I'm sorry, but there is no such thing as a superposition. You can't be in two living states at once any more than my flatmate is both dead and alive. This whole "paradox" really bothers me, and almost even more than the whole "not making sense" part, is the fact that he's talking about radioactively poisoning a cat. What a DUMB JERK!
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That is disgusting that someone would use wood chips in a tortoises cage and just downright irresponsible to have a heat lamp over a cage that could MELT! Pet stores really need to teach their customers how to care for their animals before they leave the store.
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Come on guys. It's a MYSTERY sale. The joy is not knowing what your going to get. While I would obviously much rather have a Tokyo Flash watch, I wouldn't complain about some funky straws. (please tokyoflash watch, PLEASE TOKYOFLASH WATCH)
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