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Congratulations all around. I wish everybody could win, but the girl who did seems really nice.

And I agree with lewis82. The name of the contest is weird. I didn't get it at all.
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It's a sailing school compass, for newby navigators who don't know about North and South yet. Also serves as a floatation device for when they fall overboard.
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I wont wear anything that has the brand name emblazoned on it for all to see. I am not a billboard or a commercial.
Unless the company pays me for doing their advertising...
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This is a mousetrap and petrified cheese from an ancient Egyptian pyramid. It reveals the real reason for the Egyptian's supreme adoration of the feline. And cat's have been riding on this superstardom for too long!
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Yes, oil is harmlessly used in making many everyday items and necessities. And cleaning birds.
But oil is hugely wasted on transportation, heating, electricity. These are the biggest users of oil and can be transformed.
Time for an oil change.
Unfortunately, that wont happen soon because there is still so much profit to be made.
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No issue with Dawn from me. Thanks anyway, Mr. Wolf.

Oil is everywhere (erg, especially now, thanks to BP).

Thing is, it's time NOW to discover or invent an alternative. I think the sun is our answer. Go solar!
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