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Yeah I can't access it, seekshelter.

But about lugging the groceries up the stairs, just do the old tree fort thing. Put 'em in a box at the bottom and then pull it up with a rope when you get to the top. Oh and install a fireman's pole...wheeeeeee (thud).
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I would have thought this obvious but there will not be "huge" projects simply due to the need to properly allocate fields for optimum solar exposure. On of the frustrating things here in the Northeast is that solar will be very slow to catch on due to a smaller amount of sunny days and, for wind, a greater prevalence of hilly and terrain.

Decentralization of power grids in the midwest and west are crucial and very important. Many environmental strategists are advocating local grid technology.
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So 2 and 7 are the same, 4 5 and 6 are the same, 1 feeds into diffusing how deep our thoughts are that we just don't want to share, 3 feeds in to diffusing female paranoia, etc. etc. etc.

It's not a lie if it's a deflection. That's called diplomacy.
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It's exceptionally tacky to ask for gifts through paypal when a wedding guest's role is that of one who comes together with many others to support the new couple. A community. If the wedding were performed online through webcasts, paypal might be appropriate.

I have no problem with them asking for cash instead of ancient spice racks and chafing dishes, but paypal is inappropriate.
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Certainly a fun enough concept. I'ma sucker for those "anatomy shots" of the cartoon characters and the lego guy. However this illustration certainly could've used any remote (no pun intended) connection between the surface buttons and the underlying anatomy.
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I knew a fantastically intelligent and talented girl in college who really believed fairies existed. Of course she also did vampire LARP know.

Obviously it's an insect hit by the flash.
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As people have already noted, especially on the Fark thread about this video, this concept is several years old

"Birds: Alone in his loft, a composer-played by real-life composer, Walter Boudreau-is struggling with some serious writer's block as he works at his piano. After what appears to be several hours of hard effort, he is rewarded with inspiration from a most unlikely source, the pigeons outside his window. The conclusion: Be More inspired."
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"what's so great about that"

Man, ted, you're a downer.

There's nothing "great" about that. It's neat. Like the name of this website?

It's like people on Fark complaining "this is news?"
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I too carry useless trivia in my back pocket to rain on other peoples' parades but...come on...labor day? It's just a day off near the end of summer. No one cares from whence it came or why. If you're going to pick on something, at least pick on the apathetic nature of Memorial Day or the commercialization of Christmas. :)
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I LOVE this type of story. Anyone building a magnificent home (and this one sure is!) out of recycled materials in such a creative and unique way has my utmost admiration. I enjoyed every slide in that slideshow, especially the "wood-burning stove from an old ship found a new home in Mr. Phillips's "tree house." "
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GailPink, certainly many "fallout shelters" are built simply for mental paranoia comfort; simple holes for reassurance. However the inevitable thought for anyone who's truly serious about survival shelters always goes through a period of "could I actually stay here for weeks...months...years?" as they're preparing.
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"nature's tuning fork"....really? How gullible!

Geese fly in a V because they're drifting not unlike Nascar racers. Moss grows on the north side of trees (kinda...sorta) in this hemisphere because fo the position of the sun.

It's not Nature's tuning fork. It's the reality of the physics of existence.

Feel free to thank the Lord for that. But not any anthropomorphized "nature"!
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Rintrah, I completely agree (especially since you were originally agreeing with me). Their justification comes in that they can make some neat headlines, thus ensuring future grant dollars. Perhaps this is a necessary step towards actual AI (not that I think we should bother) but for heck's sake, why is the media so obsessed with these easily digestible "I knew it!" headlines?!
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"a measure of autonomy"

No, not really. It's still just a program written by programmers. They told it to sometimes not alert the other robots, and it clocked that there was more food available.

They're not telling lies.
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So glad to see Mister Haldeman up there! My favorite author.

seekshelter: for what it's worth, Haldeman is a big fan of old typewriters too, so he probably submits manuscripts in all manner of formats. He has a bunch of fancy ink pens...probably for personal idea taking.
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Larfin: it's crucial to Jewish history, which means it's also crucial to Christian history - two of the WORLD'S most widespread religions.

Without the plagues and the leadership of Moses, the Israelites would still be slaves in Egypt.

Also, that "dead first born son" puppet is creepy.
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