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Racist??? Come on, that's pushing it! It was a dumb way for him to phrase it, not out of the ordinary for a politician though.... but in no way could it be construed as racist.
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Loved this, just what I needed on a horrible, rotten, nasty, no-good depressing day! :-) The eagle at the end did have me a bit worried, though...it looked like it was swooping down on Bunny and gonna eat her!
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To not give aid because people will still have difficult lives is judgemental. People in poverty-stricken nations have difficult lives, but they still manage to love and be loved, and to get enjoyment out of life. I've met people who've traveled to places like India and Africa, and they've commented on how many of those people seem to find ways of getting more enjoyment out of life than we Westerners, who think that we have to have riches to have a good quality of life. How can someone in a slum in Calcutta smile and be happy? I don't know, but I know it happens. Is it my job to tell them their life isn't worthwhile because it's so hard?
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I just drove by this place when I was on vacation in Iowa (yes, I know, how sad to take a vacation in Iowa!). I noticed they are online too -- Iowa80 dot com. They sell rubby ducky hood ornaments -- who knew??
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This news makes me so happy! I had assumed my reading problems were because of middle age, now maybe I can blame it on my internet reading...since I've got in the habit of scrolling through articles for the main point, I find I do that in books, too, which doesn't work...
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I read an interview with a woman who, as a young girl, grew up next to Alferd Packer after he was convicted. She said that he was truly a kind man, making little wood carvings for her and other kids. She felt he got a bad rap.
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I read recently that Americans waste up to 1/3 of the food they buy, which is just atrocious especially, you know, given all the starving children in our world... Freezing food has always been my solution to not wasting it, but I had never thought of this great idea!
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Yeah for greyhounds! The sweetest, gentlest, goofiest couch potatoes you'll ever meet! 30,000 of these racers are put to death after their owners feel they are no longer useful (i.e., "winning")... thank goodness for greyhound rescue groups!
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Oh, and by the way, if you just HAPPEN to be in Tipton, Iowa, the town library has a permanent exhibit of about 20 Grant Wood prints, many which I'd never seen elsewhere...
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I grew up in Tipton, Iowa. A couple years ago I took the kids to see Field of Dreams... was unexpectedly cool. We hit a few balls, ran a few bases, listened to the crickets, met the man who owns the farm...

On the bleachers at this site, look for where Kevin Costner, during a break in filming, carved a "love note" to Annie.

I think there's a farm toy museum in the town next to Field of Dreams, if my memory is correct...
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