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A galvanic pile is a series of alternating metal plates separated by an electrolyte. Such constructions will produce electricity and are an early form of battery.

Electrons travel from one type of metal to the other while atoms of metal travel in the opposite direction. If the electricity is drained very slowly, good piles can last a long time and will continue to provide electricity until one type of metal is completely used up.

No new science here, just a very efficient "motor".
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These might be odd, but not out of line for the companies asking them. Some require an ability to quickly develop algorithms. Others are about management style. A few are simply about your ability to say 'I don't know."
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Do they have experience getting drunk? Do they know what being drunk is like? Was there an independent observer or are we to trust the observations of people who would waste that much vodka trying to get their feet drunk?

Did it cure athlete's foot? What if it was done in a sauna? How about the use of accelerants like DMSO or olives?
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I have seen that roof fully collapse with the weight of snow. I had thought it was designed to do just that. This is much worse. There is a hole that is going to be really tough to repair.
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I am amused that the author did not ask men what they thought. Once again we see that women adjust their appearance for the social acceptance of other women.
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Sounds like an experiment that my brother did when he was ten. He put every food he like into a bowl and mixed it up. A nasty glop is all he got.
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The typical amount of solar energy that hits a square meter of the Earth's surface in a day is 5 kWH. A typical US home uses 25 kWH per day. Home owners might someday be able to use solar power for a majority of their energy. Apartment dwellers and industry will always need some sort of generation/distribution combination.

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Hey, emiiiiiiil, (did I get the right number of 'I's?) if you want to troll on Neatorama, you will have to step up your game. I the inappropriate (but less pornographic) insult thing on Miss C's home site a year ago. It worked then, but the crowd is now too hip for that shit these days. Better luck next time.
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That is not how to walk on glass! Break a large amount of glass windows and bottles. Throw away any bottle neck pieces. Put all of it in a burlap bag. Tumble the bag in a laundromat drier. (You do not want to ruin your own, do you?) Keep tumbling until there are no more sharp edges.
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I did exactly the same thing 35 years ago for a physics class. The professor was off at NASA doing something that made him extra money. The stand-in TA was unprepared to teach. I skipped class, read the text book, turned in the practice assignments and studied the previous tests.

I aced the class and still understand the subject matter. No one was cheated. Not the college. Not my fellow students. Well, maybe I was cheated since the professor I paid to study under did not show up for a single class.
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Emerson described the instinct for self-trust as "that science-baffling star, without parallax, without calculable elements." This very humorous article lacks the appreciation of parallax both figuratively and literally.
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