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Yeah, it's a 'trick' add.

However, I love the idea of a sneaky box as a prank or just to 'WTF' people. (yes, I used WTF as a verb. :P)

If they could somehow put little 'Solid Snake' legs underneath too, that'd be awesome. :D
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I think a bit part of the decision would be whether or not there were communal spaces. A VR would with only you in it I'd think would get very boring and lonely. If it have connectivity to it, then that would be something else. Even if only in certain 'areas' of the VR world.

Another thing to think about would be time-perception. If the VR was so immersive that a person could experience, say, hours of time, but only have 1 minute pass for their biological body, that would be very neat.

Also, everyone, go read Snow Crash. :)
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100%! Didn't even notice the 'answer bank' until I was almost done.

To be fair 'Sega' is not a video game, it's a console. Its like calling 'Blue-Ray' or 'VHS' a movie.

Unless there is a 'Sega: the game' I'm not aware of. :P
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"You can look chic and stylish, even when you’re washing the dishes or slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen."

I bet that would go over real well with staunch feminists. (Or the 'womans libbers' of past.) :P
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Well, this pissed me off. Sure, there's worse things that a person could do to an animal, but there's was just no reason for that. As Hedwig said - if you are looking around for observers, you probably need a morals check.

Poor cat. Arg, what is wrong with this person.
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A similar famous debated paradox is:

When is a man officially bald? when he loses the last hair on his head? When it no longer covers the top? WHat percentage? what if it's just really sparse and thin?

Fun stuff. One of my personal favorites is the Ship of Theseus.
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I'm sorta surprised no one made a "That's why they're poor!" comment/joke. Because... if you give away your money a lot, its harder to save it (and I'm guessing that someone who gives away money often probably spends it more freely than, say, a penny-pincher.) But I'm just 'supposing'.
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@Alex - I sympathize for you. I've been lurking around the blog for quite sometimes, and you are correct - you do get (unfairly) accused for favoring the opposite political views of whichever belongs to the random poster.

I could be wrong, but I think this was posted to neatorama mostly because it's a flashmob thing, and such 'surprise performances' of any variation do tend to be posted on neatorama.
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Simulating a more 'human like' guessing can be done that way, but that's not really modeling an AI to think, and thus guess, like a human. The actual human thought process (speaking in terms of information, even leabing out the biological 'mechanics' of it) is WAAAAAAY more complicated than anything we've been able to do in the field of AI thus far. (And the AI subsection of Computer Science is a particular strong suit of mine).
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Protest is a for of free speech too. Even if you don't agree with them being upset about other people having a differing opinion then them, one must also allow them to have a different opinion than you.

It's seems weird to me to tell protesters the equivalent of "Shut up because those you are protesting are allowed to have their opinions!"
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As soon as I saw this post I immediatly thought of American Beauty. (To this day, I often make the joke, upon seeing a plastic bag floating around "Look it's the most beautiful thing in the world!")
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Imagine how frustrating it would be to gift-shop for this sort of person :P (although i'm sure they "don't exchange gifts and feed the materialism machine" or something like that.)
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There's another problem with this - the simulated runs are being guessed by a computer program. A computer will not guess in the same manner as a human would. (Of course, all humans would guess different, but what 'AI' we've made so far is horrible at thinking like a human.)
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BikerRay has the answer. Smell is a huge part of taste. If you had no sense of smell, you could probably only taste like 5 or so things.

Making a 'base' object taste like different types of the same kind of food (say, sweet for example) when flooding them with different smells of that type, it quite possible.

This has been shown in many demonstrations - so you don't really need VR. I guess the cool thing about this is that it adds VR to increase the sensation of a dynamic reality.
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