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It's not a reflection of a room light...
It *is* a reflection in the window, but it is a reflection of a tiny, cheese-wheel shaped UFO that is hovering inside the dorm room, near the ceiling.
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it would be cool if you could do other things than a person's body.. such as a cloud with two lightning bolts as hands... or say Cyclops (xmen) with eye-lazers as the clock hands. Stuff like that..
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A lot of these are just based on like a hair cut. That basketball player look nothing like Sam fished except he's bald and unshaven. And David bowie just has a similar haircut to Leon. Bah!

Oh, and Solid Snake in the MGS series was actually BASED on Snake Pliskin in Escape From New York, so no suprised there. (In MGS2, Snake even identifes himself as 'Pliskin' as a psudonym).

Anyhow, neat article, but there could be much better matches.
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