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Despite not being the healthiest, Hawaii has the highest life expectancy. It probably had something to do with a lack of stress and being surrounded by a tropical paradise or something.
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Sucks for those of us who were born without a modified 'immortality' genes. Man, wouldn't that just make the new round of children so much more obnoxious!

As it is, for now we'll just make do with oscillating mice.

I wonder if the mice's memories are erased? As in the smoothing of brain wrinkles, etc?
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The royalties wouldn't stop there. Imagine the backpay for royalties on the light that provided food for all plantlife, thus allowing oxygen and all that stuff. Also, the heating bill of the planet.. whoo boy!

But yeah, that's a silly thing.

And if it's not, I hereby claim ownership of all the zodiac stars! Also, Saturn's rings... just because.
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It's important to note that being able to perceive the emotions of others doesn't make you *more caring*. The same as knowing more about, say, law, don't make you more ethical.

So if you are 'poor' you might be able to tell what other people are feeling easier, but that doesn't make you a nicer or more compassionate person. Heck, a manipulative sadist could be very good at judging other people's emotions. At the same time, a 'rich' but kind-hearted person might have trouble telling what other people are feeling. These are just examples, of course.

TD;DR version = Recognizing emotions doesn't mean being considerate of them.
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This is for a class for business majors? Since business majors usually end up as managers or corporate people, taking credit for work they didn't do is kinda second nature, eh?
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I'll have to go with 'yes' on cheating too. However, its nice work for those people who are good at academics, eh? I wonder how people get hired. I also wonder if any professors work there as a side job? Hmm...
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This is one of the first robots that hasn't struck me as 'creepy' by its look and animation. All previous that I've seen has had something 'wrong' with it (the uncanny valley phenomenon). But I don't seem to find this one unsettling. More amazing, really. On a 'gut-reaction' level, that is. Of course, when you get into the whole 'omg robotz uprising' aspect, that's another story. :P

Also, what does any of this have to do with feminism?? Its a demonstration of a robot.
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But... But.... why!?!? What could people fear so much about a 'cyber attack' that they would want such a thing? I can't imaging how such a large 'attack' could take place anyhow, but that aside.. are they afraid that their computers will explode or something? This is confounding. It like.. giving the president a kill switch for telephones. Or television.

Internetz aside, when will we Americans stop trading freedom for safety (or, some would argue, the *illusion* of safety). What happened to Liberty or Death? Sheesh...
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Nick always seems to give a good performance, even if he's in a 'bad movie' or one with silly dialog, etc. I think it's just shows that he's willing to do a movie for fun (like Ghostrider, for he's a comic book fan), and not stuck up and just take roles in movies that are written to please award panels.
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It seems like it would be a lot easier to cause an accident with this compared to a normal toaster, either with people getting burned, or random things falling on it.

Still, it does look neat.
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It also depends on the cat. Some cats like belly rubs, some don't. Some cats only tolerate soft and slow pets, and some seem to enjoy rougher or faster petting. Which seems weird, but you can see examples of all of those on youtube.

Cats are weird.
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The only connection I can see between internet and cheese is linked via Speedy Gonzales there. Speedy is known for being the 'fastest mouse in the west' or something like that. So he's fast, like the internet service (supposedly), and he likes cheese because he's a mouse.

Perhaps that's it?

Either way, yeah, a big block of food in an outdoor urban area is just not a good idea.
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I have a hard time wrapping my head around this concept, which is frustrating. And kinda freaky.

I mean, isn't 'depth' subjective when looking at an object. You hold a rubix's cube, can you really say which of those three dimensions is it's depth? Thus how can you say which is the one intertwined with time, and which two are the 'real' 2 dimensions that are being projected?

So many more questions!! Gahhh!
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