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Yes, English is our second language and we use the same alphabet 26 English letters with two additional alphabets (the Spanish ñ and the Filipino digraph ng). Although we pronounce words very straight forward like the vowels: "ah, eh, i, oh, oww" we don't use the Baybayin alphabet, I mean some teach in school but only to teach us about it, not actually use it.
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My immediate guess (as an amateur wookworker, very little metalwork experience) was that each actually used 2 coins. The pres was ground/cut out of one, no worries about keeping the pres part pretty... only the surrounding coin would matter and be kept intact, and then the background was cut/ground away from the other. Leaving one with a hole and the other with just the pres "cut out".
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I don't believe this would work as advertised: because if the exposure is set on the scene pre-flash, then the faces and background should be normally exposed and only the retroreflective clothing should be blasted to white if flash is used for that photo.
It would probably would look more like the link below in reality:
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How many things have gone wrong with Kinder Surprise eggs worldwide? I've heard of a few incidents, but they involved the child eating the contents of the plastic capsule after opening it, which could happen with any small toy.
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Ours goes up on pulleys in the stairwell. It's out of sight, uses a space that would otherwise be wasted, and dries a full load of washing in overnight, or in about three hours if you turn the fan on - a small desk-fan screwed to the ceiling to circulate the air a bit. We have a tumble-drier - but being part-Scottish, I can't bring myself to actually turn it on.
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