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How many things have gone wrong with Kinder Surprise eggs worldwide? I've heard of a few incidents, but they involved the child eating the contents of the plastic capsule after opening it, which could happen with any small toy.
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Honestly why the sentence you quoted is even there is because I needed to link to the referring article and didn't want to give away any details I left unsaid. Perhaps I should have worded it differently.

While I agree with you that returning the money is the right thing to do and it's what I would have done, I think someone who is really struggling for money admitting they fantasized about keeping it is honest and human. It's what they did in the end that counts.
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Ours goes up on pulleys in the stairwell. It's out of sight, uses a space that would otherwise be wasted, and dries a full load of washing in overnight, or in about three hours if you turn the fan on - a small desk-fan screwed to the ceiling to circulate the air a bit. We have a tumble-drier - but being part-Scottish, I can't bring myself to actually turn it on.
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