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Albuquerque still has one. He has been painted over many times, and the property has changed just as many times.
The place he sits used to be a lumber company. He started out as a lumberjack, but then was destroyed by a fire. The owner replaced him with a chef body. Then remodeled as the lumberjack.
Back in (I think) April, he lost his arms and ax in a storm.
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my fave comment in the IMGUR thread "I thought the train conductor was awesome for kicking him in the head in the first place. Saving his life was just a bonus."
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Just up the road from me - the old New Mexico State Pennintentiary. Where the worst riot in the US's correctional history happened.
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I remember making my own things for my babrbies as well. The things I could have made if I had a glue gun and computer and printer back in the 70s.
My pride, was the couch and chairs I made from the styrofoam blocks that came from stereo equipment packaging.
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Where are plans for the Death Star?
Secondary computer > desktop>my documents>etcetera>family stuff>trips>Tatooine>Owen and Beru's 50th>New folder >error files> New Folder 2> missing files > Porn> albino Mon Calamarian porn > recipes> baking>desserts>cookies>chocolate chip>Death Star Plans
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As one of "Vader's Finest", I wish this "steam punk all the things" would die already. Right up there with "bacon all the things.
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It is strange, from my own point of view, but maybe ten years ago I didn't perceive this to be a problem at cons. Going as Angela from Spawn, usually garnered a lot of photos with people and compliments. But never gropes or lascivious remarks.
People were respectful.
If I could still rock the outfit today, a grope would be met with a swift whack from my seraphic staff.
Perhaps it would be considered assault. But maybe more people need to fight back.
Instead of posting signs, they should include that on the badges. And as part of admission, there should be the understanding that you will be kicked from the con if you are acting like a tool.

FTR- as a Stormtrooper - when I am off on my own, I "patrol" the cons looking for that kind of behavior and set people straight. I know guys in my own garrison that now do this because I pointed it out to them. Some con-goers see Stormtroopers as a galactic police force, so when you are told to not do something from one of us, it weighs a bit more to that individual.
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But the one on the left what is what it looks like....wait I get it. It's because they are "down under" and everything is the opposite. right? :P
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Depends. Fulci zombies can walk on the bottom of the body of water. IRL - a corpse will float as long as it continues to decompose. Sometimes they will make a big "burp" and then sink. But they will come back up as soon as more gasses are released during the decomposition. So if they are still a zombie and they do have coordination, they can probably do like a float and swim kind of deal. If you have a boat, just make sure the zombies floating by don't have arms.
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