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I had always thought the song was about a tailor. They are making or mending clothing.
I never paid attention to the middle verses, though.

First verse is about food, but in order to afford the food, the tailor must do work. The tailor must make the yarn they need for darning. They do this on the spinning wheel that makes a pop noise when it has completed how ever many yards.

Final verse was about the "weasel" being darned by the owner or tailor.
The thread and needle are what the tailor is charging for repair of whatever the weasel is.

I had always assumed the weasel was maybe a woman's coat.
My great grandmother used to have a fur coat, and it was joked about that it was weasel.
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Having worked at Subway to put myself through school. And having been held up three times - you kind of get a feel for what customers are going to be trouble.
Not having seen the footage though - I can probably guess it is just regular "ignoring the customer".
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Nye Armstrong created a tutorial for that back in 2011, she ended up being criticized from people claiming she wasn't a "real Muslim" because she broke the rules of decency. Whatevs. She is cute. There are Star Wars fans. There are Muslims. There are Muslims who are star wars fans, who like to show some of their SW geekiness in a unique way.
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You are missing out on one of those "that is disgusting and not good for me...but you only live once" kind of things.
If you are a cheese lover - this is not something to try.
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As a longtime fan of Easy Cheese, and having seen this video last week. I need to point out that the can needs to be tilted instead of straight up and down in order for the cheese to come out properly. Yes, it comes out in the upright position, but that is why it burps.
Also the placement of the robotic finger/thumb isn't the same as it would be with a human thumb and forefinger.
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I have seen them do the reverse on the wispy top ends of the red cedar.
They will land on one of the top tips of it and then bounce it. Or they hop on it and get it going. Then another will try to hop on and knock the first off.
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Robot Chicken made a dig at Turbo Teen.
It was disturbing. But it had addressed a thought that I had come up with all those years ago.
I thought Kidd Video was a good show - because we didn't have cable and sometimes that was the only was I saw a popular music video. Or at least a small clip of one.
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Rule #4 was broken in the cartoon "Operation Rabbit". When he introduces himself to Bugs Bunny.
I suspect however, that Rule 4 only applies to cartoons with Wile and the Road Runner.
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I have been on a stopped ski-lift when thundersnow happened.
I was initially excited, because I knew it was a unique weather occurrence.
And then the realization of being on a stopped ski lift with the pellet snow falling and the chance that lightning could hit the lift set in.
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Dynamints need to return.
TicTacs have come out with grape flavor and another flavor in their spring mix one that comes close to the fruit Dynamints.

And Jolt Cola in the original formula.
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As someone who cosplays as Wondy - Rockabilly Wonder Woman and Bombshell Wonder Woman are the same.
DC Comics started with the concept of the Bombshell Series of statuettes in 2011 after seeing Ant Lucia's pin up style works.
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I remember these.
The lost boy one does seem strange now. At the time I thought the "neighborhood" the kid was in, was part of the "Pinball Number Count song" place. Somehow the kid made it into the Pinball Number Count world.
Or that it was his hand that started the Pinball Number Count segment. I had always thought the two were connected.

The crack one, I recall trying to duplicate on paper, but my little kid intellect did not understand animation.
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