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As other comments have pointed out, the whole time I was reading this article, scrolling down to see the next movie in the list, I was waiting/half expecting to come across "A Beautiful Mind".

Fun read, though.
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Fooey on sudoku puzzles! They're abundant in modern life and I have never liked them. Please make the puzzles more interesting for the less numerically inclined...
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I'm frightened by the concept of a kill switch itself more than I am that Obama might abuse it. Putting something in a centralized location that has the ability (nay, purpose) to shut down all internet activity sounds like one of the worst ideas I've ever heard...

What could possibly go wrong?
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Reminds me of Shatner doing Palin, or Walken doing Lady Gaga's Poker Face.

@themonkey -- you could search for "shatner palin" on YouTube and see if what you're looking for comes up as a related thing...
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Call me negative, but I'm with a lot of the other commenters here. What started off as a cool, humorous idea has become old and tired. The smugness just oozes from the video. And in a lot of the shots it seemed that at least 9 out of 10 people visible were in on the joke.

Fewer participants. Newer gags. Please.
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Pretty fun article -- I've seen references to eating leather and tree bark around and was always curious as to how best to perform the tasks.

I must take exception with the instructions on consuming ants: I know that the word "inhale" was not meant to be taken literally, but its use gave me the most unpleasant imaginary feeling of ants in my lungs...
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> The Presurfer has been here for 3,650 days.

Not to pick a nit, but as 2004 and 2008 were leap years, it would be more accurate to say that The Presurfer has been here for 3,652 days.
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I had a somewhat similar experience. My wife and I were selling our first house because we had a baby on the way. It is common practice when your house is listed to vacate the premises (often at a moment's notice) while a real estate agent brings by prospective buyers.

I had an old, plastic film canister with a small amount of the cremated remains of a dear friend in the living room, at the base of a potted plant. When my wife and I returned home it was sitting empty on the coffee table, with no a trace of the contents to be found...

I can only imagine the looks on their faces when they figured out what they'd just snorted.
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Some of those trucks look like they're going pretty darned fast! Doubt many would be able to stop in time were they so inclined to try...
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What about "Fist Of The North Star"?

What's not to love about martial arts movies where characters' heads spontaneously explode with no explanation?

Joe Bob sez "Check it out."
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That Batman symbol will merely be a fond memory in 2 or 3 week's time -- kids that age grow their hair at an alarming rate.

The mullet, on the other hand, will likely be there well into adulthood...
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As if everyone has a 50' x 50' dining room so that they can fit this next to the formal dining table. And such a waste of materials...

And Wes is right -- that picture belongs on the Photoshop atrocities site!
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Seems like a lot of work for about 1.5 MB of storage capacity per diskette...

How about designing a spill-resistant keyboard? I've probably destroyed a dozen of them with my morning coffee.
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Man, I'm either getting old or increasingly out-of-touch! Other than Beckham and Snoop (and a passing knowledge of who Noel Gallagher is, though I'd never recognize his face), I have no idea who those people are. Fun commercial, though...
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I've always wanted a single punctuation mark to convey the emphatic question. Sure, the "?!?" sequence gets the point across, but that's 3 keystrokes.

Were I to invent a single punctuation mark to infer such a query, perhaps an upside-down "?" would work. (Yes, I know that's a common punctuation mark in several languages, but I usually speak/write in English so it's up for grabs as far as I'm concerned...)

Why would anybody argue with that logic¿
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Oh, MAN! I finally knew the answer to one of these infernal "What Is It" posts -- first time in years -- and the second commenter had the correct answer already!

It's an Amish toy that kids roll marbles or small balls down. I gave one to my 15-month-old son for his birthday and he absolutely loves it. It can keep him occupied for MINUTES on end (quite the feat at his age).

Goes to show... sometimes the simplest things are the most interesting and elegant.
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It wasn't Al Gore who championed censorship in music (the PMRC, as it was called), it was his wife, Tipper, and a few other congresscritters' wives and such.

And like everyone else, I found the music very, very disturbing. Anyone know what it is?

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Cool! They even used what is, in my humble opinion, the greatest pinball table ever created -- The Addams Family! Sometimes geeks can have the best taste...
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Visually stunning, but completely impractical for day to day use.

On the other hand, it's the perfect gift for someone you're not fond of...
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Interesting fact: According to the music-themed Uncle John's Bathroom Reader I'm currently making my way through, that was the first video ever aired on either VH1 or MTV2 (can't remember which).
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Oh Boy! I'm getting Rush Limbaugh's autograph from my beloved this year.

Time to steal his identity and credit cards. Whee!
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