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We don't know how the response was sent. If it's anything like my kids, they ask me, I say sure, they tell their friend they can go, and THEN I find out there's a conflict. At which point I tell them, I'm sorry but you can't go. I've never felt the need to then contact the parent and change the status.

Regardless, it's one thing for a person to be civil and respectful and remember to cancel an appointment. It's another to be a complete jerkhole and bill someone $20 for it. And then small claims court? Are you kidding me?
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Is dyslexia a sound problem? I'd read that an early inability to process certain phonemes causes the brain to "make up" it's own symbolic relationship. There have been tests that show it's not the brain's inability to see the letters correctly, it's that the brain never learned what those sounds are. If the sound is shorter than the brain (at the time with a hearing problem) can handle, it's bundles it with the next closest sound. It's not just flipping like letters around, it's the sounds they make.

Treatments that play back recordings that have been lengthened have been shown to increase a dyslexic's visual cues on the letters and their representational sound. Some show a high recovery rate. The font is a great tool, but it's like learning to walk with a crutch on a broken leg rather than mending the bone.
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Sun goes up, sun goes down. Tide comes in, tide goes out. Texting kills bees, phone calls kill bees. You can't explain it. Never a question.
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They should sell lead lined shirts that say this same thing.

^SAAWP - It's not TSA's right or privilege to violate a constitutional amendment. I don't care if I'm driving or flying or shopping for yams.
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There's a place outside of Winter Park, CO that does big hill tube sledding that has a "lift" like this. It's kind of weird, you lay on your belly and hold on to this thing as it drags you up.

Admittedly, it's a much bigger hill.
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Good thinking on the felony charge. Now she won't be able to work. Single mom, out of work, kids in a bad neighborhood. Good way to end things.

A simple citation or court order would have sufficed, I think. There's no need for this Biblical response.
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I'm with FK, it kinda freaked me out. I think because it looks so tenuous and loose, like at any second it could be lost and swept away with a slight breeze.

Plus, lots of brown eyes. Would have liked to have seen more blues and greens.
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I for one look forward to Mr. Johnson's whimsical and well thought out illustrations. I consider them "neat."

That said...

Cup Lifts

I <3 Robots - XL
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I was looking forward to an actual time lapse showing what happened, not a NIN video.

If there wasn't the description of ants and a scanner, I would have had no idea what was happening.
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"He said traffic on the bridge did not have to be stopped during the passage because the voyage was made during daytime, reducing any risks."

Are the Danish now vampires?
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We just had a local weather guy pull a wonderful line out this morning. "It's going to be light, as opposed to something heavy." Which is better than opposed to something green or fish or John Adams.

Local news is the best.
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He needs a nickname now. Like Eric "The Eel" Moussambani.

We should call him "The Jumping Bean."

Also, one from Equatorial Guinea, the other from Papua New Guinea. What's with the Guineans sending grossly unqualified athletes?
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So, this is like making a book out of a spam program that floods your email with Almost-Speak?

I'd actually be interested in seeing the process and result before considering this anything but a weird way to waste paper.
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