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Can't swear it would work, but given the process, you could get the same effect by printing your digital photos on transparency paper using any laser or inkjet printer, and using that as your "film." You'd need to use some photo-editing software to ensure you printed a negative, but that's not hard, and transparency paper can be found at better office-supply stores.
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The "Fun Car" is obviously (and probably consciously) inspired by minimizing a VW Westphalia pop-up camper bus, but the full length fold-up bed idea is downright inspired.

At least one large sedan from the 60s was built so the back of the front (bench) seats folded back flat, turning the entire passenger compartment into a king-size bed.

Also, you missed out on the chance to include an engine oven, and believe it or not, engine-bay cooking is a real hobby, complete with cookbooks.

Fun stuff.
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That's sort of neat, but after you find out the changeable part of the mask is a painted silk cover, and that the performer uses a mechanically-triggered system to change masks, the "secret" comes down to whether the changed mask is being pulled up or down into the performer's elaborate headdress.

The rest is reasonable engineering and well-practiced staging. Playing up the "secret" is playing up the least interesting part of the art.
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The college where I work has a Nursing program, and they also have a few of these. They're quite expensive, but they're a little bit uncanny. They'll just lie there, breathing, and blinking...
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As for the question about hooking up an HDTV, the trick is not so much in getting a picture as in getting a hi-def picture. The world is full of HDTVs displaying a standard-def picture, sometimes even though the source is capable of HD output. Throwing a receiver into the mix, especially if you actually want to get digital multi-channel sound out of it, adds to the challenge.

This should not be a "manly skill," or even a mildly taxing skill. It's just that the wiring got rather complicated all of a sudden, and you have to understand what signal should go where under what circumstances. HDMI appears to be a pretty good answer to the problem, though, since it involves a single connector for audio and video, and newer AV receivers will switch HDMI and even upconvert lesser sources to run through the HDMI outputs.

It shouldn't be a challenge, but if you don't know what you're doing you should definitely book an appointment with a nerdy friend and budget a few hours and a six-pack.
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