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A significant difference is that the private system in the US spends a significantly higher percentage of the the total on administration.
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I remember these from my childhood, they can make all sorts of animals, objects etc.

There are also other street food art like pastry figurines etc.

I could never afford one when I was a kid, maybe next time I visit China I will try to hunt one down.
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It doesn't quite make sense though - one of the driving force to be alive in nature is to pass on your gene tot he next generation.

So if the genital can't re-grow it will render the male's continued existence irrelevant.

I think it's prime reason is to prevent other males from copulation.
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@Becky Jenkins: I think they intended it to be a question asking if his secrets made you dislike the company or did the commercials make you like the company
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hehe, that's brilliant, found this one online too, although would need a shotgun to get through all that cake :-)

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I don't know if he has anything on his face, but it's definitely possible for him to get a normal office job. I worked with a guy that had his arms covered in tattoos, but he always wore long sleeves (usually a long sleeve shirt and a jacket) and most the people at work wouldn't have guessed. I'm not sure how the bumps would play into that, but if it was loose enough - I'm guessing it wouldn't be a problem
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"He's mocking you, as he does with Get Your War On."
Agreed; loved the political 'toons, even bought a couple of the books!

And he still gets the last laugh, as there are probably idiots who will actually spend money on this "service."
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I think you mean : His future wife Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin (later Mary Shelley future writer of Frankenstein), the daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft (who wrote "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman").
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Ya know, and I know I'll get flamed for this... but...

How much of NewZealanders' tax money was used to rehab one injured, runt bird. Which will probably die early or be eaten by predators, since he's a runt.

I mean, I've never actually seen a kiwi in motion before, and the story as a whole warmed my heart. But this is one, broken bird, which won't even likely reproduce.

Are these critters endangered?
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The whole dynamic between the mom and son is weird. She's treating him like he's eight, and he's treating her with complete disrespect (obviously). She should start treating him like he's 19 and kick him out of the house. Having to take care of himself might do him some good.
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"This is why you should not carry your phone in your pants pocket. Use a secure clip."

Malarkey. The last time I caught my dorky bat-belt cell phone holder on a door jam and the spring-loaded clip literally exploded sending the phone crashing to the ground, was when I started carrying my phone in my front pants pocket. Have never had any problems since.

When I've had to carry a larger PDA for work I either put in it my coat, shoulder bag, or briefcase. I can't stand to have a brick of a gadget sticking out from my belt, like I'm a dang cop wearing tools. I've even seen people with two or more phones on belt holders, at the same time!

Similar reason I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a bluetooth headset. I have a wired one, when I need it. If cell phone radiation causes brain cancer, why wouldn't yet another tiny transceiver, albeit of lower power, cause similar problems?
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You might also notice, that the entire city council is as White as a slice of Wonder bread, but the grandmother they want to jail is likely Latino. Hmmm...


Same with the Housing a-hole:
Director of Building & Safety: Tom Hartung
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"tell us why garage conversions are a safety hazard? Seems very odd."

My hunch is for two reasons. One, the bureaucrats don't want houses to contain "too many" people, which an extra bedroom would facilitate, and two, the bureaucrats don't want "ugly vehicles" parked outside in view, by necessity.

It's all about limiting the ability of The People to arrange affordable housing, like (several people or a large family) sharing one house, and "keeping up appearances." Same reason many municipalities forbid people from drying their clothes on a line outside.

The bureaucrats who make and enforce these rules, don't ever have to worry about a roof over their head(s), or how to pay the electric bill.
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"that so-called 'bedroom' doesn’t look all that old"

So, you're capable of judging the age of a room, by looking at a picture on a web site? You're sure that the flooring hasn't been replaced in 30 years? Or that the the lady doesn't just keep everything clean, tidy, and in good repair?

And Dermot, your post was spot-on! Agreed, 100%
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