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Well, it has already been hypothesized or proven to be effective to create houses. But that would take money and the homeless obviously don't have that.
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As said above, of course it wasn't legal from the British viewpoint, but it was from many if not most of the settlers. The only reason they pledged their loyalty to the king is that they couldn't very well pledge it anywhere else, until they formed their own nation.

Law is only relative until society and morality decide that the law is no longer applicable and either seek to change the law or to reject it outright.
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Well, when I worked at Wal-Mart, they had us be 5% (IIRC) less than the competition (Target and K-Mart mostly). If we were lower than that, we had to raise the price to the penny. Here it seems that their calculations were off by that penny and they corrected. The sign is a little overkill. =)
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This level of violence is not subject material for children. Their minds cannot properly process this kind of violence, and nor should they. There is plenty amount of time for them to understand what really happened. You are only an innocent kid once.
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I live a few miles from the fairgrounds. Not going to go to it if I can help myself. Some people go absolutely bananas (which they fry too) about the state fair. I'm waiting for deep fried porpoise or something before we go too far.
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Here's something better: how about we rehabilitate them? Sure, there will always be those you can't help, but a large population of those in prisons can be helped by giving them some help. Keep in mind that a society is judged by how it deals with the least among them.
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Well, I have been saying this for years. You need germs to build up an immunity to, well, germs. I'll wash my hands when they get dirty enough to wash and only use hand sanitizer around newborns. You can count Lyscol in that comment too. Keep it away from your kinds and don't wipe their hands with it.
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It's the same thing with road rage. Many people have their true personalities come out when they are not held accountable for their actions.
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Is it sad that I knew that track backwards even though the only time I have seen it is in the NFS and GT games? Still funny how she screamed when they came to turn 1 at high speed. =)
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"The perfect solution seems to present itself: husbands, chubbify yourselves!"

Not at all practical. I burn it faster breathing than I can pile it on. =(
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Looks like we have two trolls here. Try not to feed them. WWII was not a war that we sought to be involved in. It is one of the few times in US history that the majority of us Americans truly rallied around a cause. Stories like this show that.
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I'm sorry, but I just can't take the Fermi Paradox seriously. I hope most other rational people can't either. We are just beginning to discover planets in solar systems that are "close" to us. How do you expect us to find satellites, spacecraft, and death stars across the known universe? Even a 1950s known universe. Rubbish.

However, I'd like to believe that there are hundreds to thousands of civilizations that have been or still are in our galaxy alone. It's a pretty easy thing to believe.
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Unbelievable. According to those pictures, the exhibit isn't even marked. Who the H E double hockey sticks would be looking for a vat of peanut butter on the floor when walking through a museum. Who purchased the exhibit in the first place and what were they on? Has this peanut butter seriously been sitting there for 49 years?! If the artist is still alive, he is getting the last laugh for sure.
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@Another Tim - I do agree that this went one step too far and I smell personal reasons for the case.

However, you want to know of the usefulness of unions today? Well, you have a middle class with health care, retirement packages, and labor laws. All this came from unions and if unions disappeared, do you honestly believe that these benefits would last more than a generation?

No, what we need is more real unions that fight for a cause when it is necessary. Unless you are happy working for around minimum wage at two part-time jobs to make the rent and pay bills until you are 75?

Unions like the one in this story are giving the rest a bad name.
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Jon Stewart had this on his show the other day. Seriously people, there is enough news in the world. Why do we have to make up headlines? I am pretty sure that the kid will be just "fine". It is sure better than having her beat him, ignore him, or turn into a tiger mom.
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