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What Happens to a Snake in Zero Gravity

[](Video...  ...tless. At the bottom of the curve, it the pull of gravity actually feels a bit stronger.Here's a video of o...  ...borne snake did in microgravity.In the absence of gravity
Zero Gravity Fashion Shoot

Model Kate Upton is featured prominently in this y...  ...sent up in the Vomit Comet to do a photoshoot in zero gravity . Upton was a trooper, but along with her were pho...
2,000 Ping Pong Balls and 30 Teachers in Zero Gravity

[youtube IMIPTtvAuUU](Video Link)Kids, would you like to see your teacher throw up on camera? The Northrop Grumman Foundation is here to help. Or was. Sadly, the Weightless Flights of Discovery Program was shut down last...
Human Procreation in Space Could Be Dangerous...

You may want to reconsider getting pregnant (or im...  ...(or impregnating someone) while in space. Low or zero gravity may impair the development of healthy embryos:...  ...proteins differing from those grown under normal gravity . Specifically, these microgravity-exposed cells g...
Sipping Coffee from a Cup in Zero Gravity

(YouTube Link) We've previously featured the...  ...Pettit shows how it's possible to sip a coffee in zero gravity
In Microgravity, a CD Player Becomes a Gyroscope...

[youtube=][YouTube - Link]NASA International Space Station Science Officer Don Pettit demonstrates how a spinning CD acts as a stabilizing gyroscope in microgravity. When two an...
Space cat in zero gravity

For security reasons, we must remain circumspect...  ...ifying as cat juggling. This time, it's a cat in zero gravity
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