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Compilation of Incredibly Close Calls...

The funny thing about life is, one minute you coul...  ...VLVXinc](YouTube Link)It's odd how in some of the videos that are no reaction from the people, though. Pre...  ...Pranks and Fails page on YouTube for more awesome videos like this one.
Live-Action Remake of a Classic He-Man Viral Video

[](Video...  ...Link)If it is possible for there to be a "classic viral video," then one example is definitely SlackCircu...
An Interpretive Dance For Her Boss...

[] (YouTube link)Marina...  ...ouTube link)Marina Shifrin quit her job producing viral videos at at Next Media Animation (the folks who make th... crazy Taiwanese news animations), by posting a viral video of herself dancing along with a text explan...
How to Make a Viral Video

[] (YouTube link)What h...  ...(YouTube link)What happens when you try to study viral memes scientifically? You get a parody of the son...  ...ncake produced this for YouTube's Geek Week. -via Viral Viral Videos
We Didn't Start the Viral

[] (YouTube link)To cel...  ...versary, Dane Boe put together a retrospective of viral videos to the tune of Billy Joel's song "We Didn't Start... at Neatorama over the past eight years. -via Viral Viral Videos
5 Reasons We Like 5 Reasons Videos

[] (YouTube link)Vi Har...  ...uck at foosball, even if I didn't learn why. -via Viral Viral Videos
How to Make Your Video Go Viral

[] (YouTube link)Introd...  ...e link)Introducing "buyral," the way to make your videos go viral -guaranteed- by paying for it! Hey, is that reall...
Viral Video Story 2

[] (YouTube link)Luc Be...  ...the name Zapatou, stitched together your favorite viral videos old and new to interweave with the song "What Can...  ...ittle tour through the past few years of watching videos
Everything Great About YouTube...

(YouTube link) A very internet video, indeed! This collection of clips features just about every video meme that ever hit the 'net, edited into appropriate places to "Bohemian Rhapsody." Some language NSFW.  -via B...
The Best Viral Videos Of 2010: A Retrospective

(video link) Videogum put together their annu...  ...t together their annual retrospective of the best viral videos of the year. The edit is a delight in itself, as... the catchiest video soundtracks found on those videos

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