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PUSH The Talking Trash Can is Canned by Disney

Say it ain't so, Disney! PUSH the...  ...Say it ain't so, Disney! PUSH the talking trash can has been entertaining millions of guests to the W...  ...s "pushed" the radio-controlled robotic trash can out of the Magic Kingdom. And that, accord...  ...o, rumors circulated online th...
Horse and Garbage Can

[] (YouTube link)At fir...  ...I thought, "Oh no! That poor horse got a garbage can struck on its head!" Then I realized he did that... that on purpose. What fun! But think, pal, you can 't see where you're going! You know, this answers...  ...age-old question -how do you dispos...
Trash Can Zooms to Catch Your Paper Toss

If you suck at playing trash can basketball, take heart. Japan is coming... the rescue, with this "smart" trash can that runs around catching the crumpled...
Trash Can Games

Assuming that Google Translate is handling the...  ...dling the German properly, this is a picture of a trash can in Lucerne, Switzerland. The city government want...  ...scourage littering by drawing attention to public trash cans . So it put down little games, including mazes and..., including mazes...
R2D2 Garbage Can Mod

Oh! The garbage chute was a really wonderful idea. What an incredible smell you've discovered! Let's get out of here! via Walyou | Photo: Unknown...
Pixelated Trash Can

We've previously featured Instructables user B...  ...with a new project. This time, it's a pixelated trash can . No, that's not a computer generated image. It'...  ...'s not a computer generated image. It's a wooden trashcan
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