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The Toothpaste Song

Does it bother you when your significant other squ...  ...ther you when your significant other squeezes the toothpaste tube wrong, or puts the toilet paper on the roll...
His and Hers Toothpaste

Instructables member tomatoskins recently got marr...  ...they combine households, such as which end of the toothpaste tube to squeeze from.To head off that problem, to...  ...f that problem, tomato skins made a double-headed toothpaste tube. It consists of two toothpaste tubes...
Chocolate and Lime Flavors: Toothpaste Just Jumped The Shark

Image ViaToothpaste has always served one major pu...  ...purpose. To get your teeth clean. But over time, toothpaste companies have often tried odd ways to bring in n...  ...up strange alternatives. Like this color changing toothpaste , for example. But I will go on record to say that...  ...I think maybe, just...
The 10 Weirdest Japanese Flavors of Toothpaste

Why yes, that is a tube of toothpaste with an eggplant on it. And no, that's not weird,...  ...y, that's nowhere close to the weirdest flavor of toothpaste available in Japan. InventorSpot has a list of th...  ...n. InventorSpot has a list of the top ten strange toothpaste flavo...
How To Toothpaste

[] (YouTube link)The de... gives us a simple tip about efficiently using toothpaste . But that only takes a minute; about 45 seconds,...  ...left for a standard internet video -and a lot of toothpaste , we can assume. So the video veers into art, then...
Toothpaste Sculpture

Toothpaste Portrait by Kazuki Guzmán Now this...  ...sitting on a toothbrush, out of regular toothpaste
This is Your Brain on Toothpaste

For a series on the brain for Men's Health...  ...the ol' noggin with a few interesting stuff like toothpaste
Chlorox Tooth Paste...

Chlorox Tooth Paste? I had to look it up to see if...  ...yne Laboratories followed by an offer to send the toothpaste to any dentist free of charge to use on their pat...
Whiskey Toothpaste

From a lost, golden age of dental care comes this... Does that answer your question?I want whiskey toothpaste .Link (NSFW URL) -via Glenn Reynolds

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