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Cricket Has the World's Biggest Testicles

Relative to bodyweight, the male tuberous bush..., the male tuberous bushcricket has the largest testicles of any animal on Earth: The sperm-producing or...  ...bushcricket species. The previous record holder's testicles —belonging to the fruit fly Drosophila bifurcaâ€...
The Seventh Annual World Testicle Cooking Championship

Ozrem, Serbia hosted an international culinary com...  ...culinary competition in which chefs prepared the testicles of many different animals in creative ways: Th...  ...s considered to help men's libido. "The bulls' testicles are the best, goulash style," said last year's wi...  ...a wood fire and filled...
Testicle Plush by I Heart Guts

This Father's Day, give dad something he won't eve...  ...l 'im to play with his balls - no you silly, this Testicle Plush from I Heart Guts (or if you're more into s...
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