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Truck Driver Tattoo

Tattoo artist Richard Batey of Immortal Art Studio in Ca...  ...sle, Cumbria, UK, inked a custom optical illusion tattoo on this truck driver. He's driving all the time n...
Animated Tattoo

Phil Berge is an artist at the Tattoo Shack in Quebec. He inked 19 different people wit...  ..., each one slightly different. When he put all 19 tattoos together, it's an animation of Bart doing a kick...  ...rm, that's fine." Berge has done several of these tattoo
40 Amazing Tattoos That were Inspired by Movies

Tattoos are highly personal -and permanent. Remember the..., or did at one time in the past. Enjoy forty tattoos
Tattoos That Prove Scars And Stretch Marks Are Works Of Art

Some people see scars and stretch marks as flaws a... our flesh tell the stories of our lives.See 17 Tattoos
Tattoo Artist Covers Up Racist Tats For Free

Dave Cutlip of Southside Tattoo Parlor in Baltimore has a plan for people who wan...  ...who want to start a new life. He will give you a tattoo to cover up an old racist or gang-related tat for...  ...alled Redemption Ink to help folks get beyond the tattoos they now regret....
The First Victorian Tattoo Queen

Maude Wagner was the first American woman who disp...  ...Wagner was the first American woman who displayed tattoos done of her own volition, but she also became the...  ...ion, but she also became the first American woman tattoo artist. She was a circus performer, an aerialist...  ...and contortionist. What cau...
Cats Tattooing Other Cats

First off, no cats were tattooed in this project. California tattoo artist Kazuaki Horitomo loves cats, and depicts h...  ...eries called Monmon Cats. The art shows cats with tattoos and cats receiving tattoos -from other cats! You can buy...
Tattoo Cover-Ups

So you got a tattoo , and it isn’t right. The artist wasn’...  ...laser treatments, or you could find a much better tattoo artist and do a cover-up design. Buzzfeed asked r...  ...d readers to submit pictures of their regrettable tattoos and the cover-ups. Some are j...

In 2011, Michael Gosselin jumped in to help a frie...  ...m soon after his surgery. They showed him the new tattoos they got in support: semicolons on their bellies!...  ...completely recovered, Gosselin got one, too. The tattoos are now a symbol of their lasting friendship. You...
Hyperrealistic Tattoos Look Like Photographs

Look at that! You can see individual beads of swea...  ...ead! That's masterful artistry.Steve Butcher is a tattoo artist in New Zealand. He tells Inked magazine th...  ...ll Butcher's composition skills carried over into tattoo work. His tattoos are so realistic that they look...

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