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7-Pound Breakfast Taco Is the Hangover Cure for Cinco de Mayo

(Photo: El Original)On May 5, 1862, a Mexican army...  ...estaurant in New York City, offers this breakfast taco as a hangover cure. It's called the Seis de Mayo....  ...'s called the Seis de Mayo. This whopping 7-pound taco contains a dozen eggs, a pound of sausage, a poun...
Look How Badly They Want Tacos

Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos in Las Vegas was robbed last week. Much of the ca...  ...ct of the video appears to be making people crave tacos . That’s all good, too. -via reddit
How to Make a Rice Krispies Ice Cream Taco

The Vulgar Chef (content warning: foul language) o...  ...e 15 minutes of work, he shaped the batter into a taco
5 Great Taco Bell Ideas for Japan

Taco Bell is coming to Japan. The staff of Rocket News... Japan. So the Rocket News 24 team assembled 5 taco meals that it thinks will do well, such as these...
10 Types of Mexican Tacos That Should Be More Popular in the US

(Photo: Romero y Azahar)Bill Esparza is a food cri...  ...Romero y Azahar)Bill Esparza is a food critic and taco scholar in Los Angeles. He says, “I’v... Los Angeles. He says, “I’ve tried tacos in 27 states in Mexico, and every time I go to a...  ...r with. He’s narrowed his...
Neatolinks: Stop Leaving Piles of Poop On Mount Everest...

People Really Need to Stop Leaving Trash and Poop...  ...etris (Nerd Approved)Mac and Cheese Bacon-Wrapped Taco
Taco Flavored Yogurt?

Look again. Or look at a larger size picture. You...  ...they are all hungry. Next up: the development of taco -flavored yogurt.
18 Impressive Food Mashups You Need to Try...

Did someone say taco lasagna? Sounds like I've got new plans for dinne...  ...yourself at home. Now, excuse me whille I make a taco lasagna.
Featured Costume: The Taco

Through the month of October, Neatorama will featu...  ...very first costume picture sent in was this tasty taco ! Emily Towers' grandmother made this costume for...  .... For the 4th grade I told her I wanted to be a taco , my favorite food. She was from Hungary, and didn...  ...ood. She was from Hungary, and...
8 Foods Presented In Delicious Cone-y Goodness...

Ice cream cones are popular for good reason -they...  ...of Food Beast. I'm particularly intrigued by this taco cone made with a simple dough around classic taco treats.Link

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