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This Admiral Akbar Soap is Not A Trap

Etsy seller Nerdy Soaps sells exactly what their name says -nerdy soaps . Among their many soaps are designs including video games, superheroes an...  ...tand out -particularly this awesome Admiral Akbar soap
Stay Clean With the Power of the Soapicorn

I'm not one for fancy soaps , but they certainly have their time and their pla...  ...n into the mix though, any time is good for fancy soaps . After all, how could you say no to a Soapicorn sitting atop a rainbow cloud that smells like uni... a little more masculine,...
Manly Beards Made with Bubbles...

To have a very beardly beard that impresses the me...  ...lemen with excellent facial hair made entirely of soap bubbles. You can see them all here.
Breast Milk Soap

(Photo: Ena's Soap )It's the perfect gift for any occasion: breast mi...  ...'s the perfect gift for any occasion: breast milk soap .Ah, human breast milk! You can make just about an... cheese, jewelry, ice cream, and lollipops.Hand soap made from breast milk is becoming...
A Soap Holder That Won't Leave You With A Soap Puddle

I've always been a big fan of liquid soaps , especially when it comes to hand soap . That's largely because I can't stand the soggy m...  ...largely because I can't stand the soggy mess that soaps become after sitting in a wet soap dish or o...
Selling Shame: 40 Outrageous Vintage Ads Any Woman Would Find Offensive...

Advertising has always invented problems that can be solved with your money and their product. This is especially true when targeting women. We are too fat or too skinny, we have bad skin, dishpan hands, and most of all,...
I Used Grumpy Cat Soap Once -It Was Terrible

Actually, I have never actually used this soap , but I do have to assume it can't be great if it...  ...upcakes.Of course, if you still want another meme soap
Money Laundering ... with Soap!

Despite its name, there usually isn't any actual w...  ...s of a new money laundering scheme which involves soap . Lots and lots of soap : The moment money launderers get...  ...ump sum of $9.7 million to buy 10 million bars of soap wouldn’t turn a...
Human Fat Soap

Photo: KarenCarvajal/Facebook It'... year, and decided to turn the removed fat into soap to prevent it from going rancid. He c...  ...s well as other cosmetics ingredients, his unique soap bars are 25% human fat, which apparen...
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Soap

Helen made this classy gift for a friend to welcom...  ...ome him to Tennessee. All she had to do was buy a soap bottle pump that fit the whiskey bottle, then fil...  ...hiskey bottle, then fill the bottle with 80 proof soap .Link -via Kathleen Guy

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