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Merlin's Loud Purr

[] (YouTube link)Tracy...  ...her cat, Merlin, purse so loudly. While most cats purr
The Science of Purring

Science has progressed to the point that we know h...  ...has progressed to the point that we know how cats purr . In house cats, purrs are produced by vibrations of folds in the larynx...  ...was difficult to determine, as cats tend to stop purring when examined by a scientist,...
Cat Purrs at 90 Decibels

The loudest purr in the world? Let's hope so! Smokey the cat, of P...  ...mokey the cat, of Pitsford, Northampton, England, purrs so loud that her owners can't hear themselves thi...  ...Owners Ruth and Mark Adams say Smokey's deafening purrs make it impossible for them to hear...
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