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Thirteen of the Most Memorable Movie Psychopaths

Psychopaths just. Don’t. Care. They operate outside the...  ...ese’s Cape Fear, Robert DeNiro portrays the psychopathic rapist, a job he did so well that it earned him a...  ...ith just a look. The character is one of 13 movie psychopaths ranked at TVOM (with videos)...
Study: Psychopaths Don't Catch Yawns

(Photo: vmiramontes)Yawns are contagious. Or at le...  ...ll of your life--doesn't yawn, then he might be a psychopath .That's how I'm misinterpreting a new study by res...  ...other people do and scores on questionnaires for psychopathic characteristics. Shaunacy Ferro writes for Mental...  ...ty probably isn&r...
The Most and Least Realistic Movie Psychopaths

A good crime drama or action film has a psychopathic villain -someone who is truly evil and doesn't le...  ...'t let anyone get in his way. But are they really psychopaths ? The Hollywood understanding of the word is a bit...  ...orensic psychiatrist Samuel Leistedt has met many psychopa...
The Neuroscientist Who Discovered He Was a Psychopath

Neuroscientist James Fallon knows what a psychopathic brain scan looks like, because he's studied the d...  ...he recognized one that had all the hallmarks of a psychopath . His curiosity got the best of him, and he looked...  ...g empathy for others. Does his own life mean that psychopa...
A 9-Year-Old Psychopath?

All kids scream and throw tantru...  .... Basically, Michael was diagnosed as a psychopath ... at age 9. For this intriguing article...  ....) So, can you call a 9-year-old a psychopath ? Read more of this intriguing article ove...
Can You Tell Psychopaths Simply by the Words They Use?

Maybe so, according to psycholog...  ...In a new study of previously diagnosed psychopaths and non- psychopathic murderers, the researchers were able to...  ...the researchers were able to discern who are psychopathic by analyzing their wo...
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