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Polar Bear's First Steps

[] (YouTube link)Get re...  ...ute and furry baby! The two-month old yet-unnamed polar bear at the Toronto Zoo drinks milk six times a day, a...  ...w to walk. He's also working on his adorable tiny bear roar! -via Time Newsfeed
Yeti is Polar Bear Hybrid, According to Genetics Study

I Heart Yeti from the NeatoShop D... belong to a real biological ho-hum animal: a polar bear /brown bear hybrid. LiveScience reports:...  ...linked those samples to the jawbone of an ancient polar bear found in Norway. Sykes speculated... &n...
Polar Bear Cam

[] (YouTube link)Tasul...  ...://] (YouTube link)Tasul is a polar bear who lives at the Oregon Zoo. She is helping scien...  ...entists test a new kind of collar that will track polar bears ' location, movements, and behavior. These will ev...  ...s, and behavior. T...
Busted Bear

Busted Bear - by Alan Bao Busted! Ursine a lot of trouble no... Alan Bao Busted! Ursine a lot of trouble now, polar bear ! Alan Bao reminds us why the lesson of fidelity bears repeating in this cute Busted Bear T-shirt....
Kali the Polar Bear Cub

James Tazruk, an Inupiaq subsistence hunter in Poi...  ...sistence hunter in Point Lay, Alaska, shot a lone polar bear . Only when he rolled the carcass over did he real...  ...hen he rolled the carcass over did he realize the bear was a nursing mother. Tazruk and his hunting part...  ...ruk and his hunting part...
How To Draw A Cartoon Polar Bear

Mark Anderson at Andertoons has a new tutorial on... Andertoons has a new tutorial on how to draw a polar bear . You can see the steps here, or all of them in or...
Baby Polar Bear Plays With Bucket

Remember the walrus and his stolen bucket? Well, L...  ...the bucket, but we're glad to report that a baby Polar bear at Aalborg Zoo in Denmark has now picked up the m...
6 Reasons Why You Should Ride a Polar Bear to Work

Cartoonist Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal is bac...  ...with six good arguments on why you should ride a polar bear to work. The Encyclopedia of Adaptations in the...  ...atural World, which confirms Inman's claim that a polar bear 's hair is transparent and hollow. Link
The Polar Bear Song

(YouTube link) Well I'm a polar bear and my name is Bjorn and I've been a polar bear since the day I was born. Welcome to my kingdom...
Polar Bears in London!

[youtube=  ...brated its launch by building a 16-foot-tall of a polar bear and cub stranded on an iceberg. The sculpture was...  ...the new network and to raise awareness about the polar bear
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