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A Cat and His Duck...

Kittens love snuggling with plush toys if they can't snuggle with other cats, but mine e...
Crafter Turns Children's Drawings into Plush Toys

Wendy Tsao's ingenious business takes any chil... any child's drawing and makes it into a little plush friend. It's wonderful because it helps a child b...
Android Mini Squishable...

Have you hugged your Android today? Here's a very...  ...tic cell phone!Link | More Squishables | More fun Plush Toys

Confused with what to give to your ham-lovin' love...  ...n Valentine's Day? How about this cute can-shaped plushy called Haminal?The cute and tasty* Haminal came t...  ...minal was born: Link *certainly cute, but Haminal plushy is not edible, nor is it considered tasty by most...  ...Neat and unusual gifts for...
Cthulhu Plush

Mini Cthulhu Plush - $9.95On the shelf of the NeatoShop, cute plushy Cthulhu waits dreaming. Here's the perfect gift f...  ....P. Lovecraft lovers: Link | Cthulhu stuff | More Plush Toys
Yoda Talking Plush

Yoda 9" Talking Plush - $25.95Judge him by cuteness, do you? Why, actua...  ...lly, if you do, you'll find that the Yoda talking plush from the NeatoShop is incredibly cute. Push his b... will: Link | More fun Star Wars stuff | More Plush Toys
Monster Plushies

Monster Plushies - $11.95Move over cute, lovable plushies - here comes gruesomely cute, loveable monster plushies from the NeatoShop. They're the perfect gift for...  ...ellow B movie lovers: Link | More Fun and Unusual Plush Toys
Testicle Plush by I Heart Guts

This Father's Day, give dad something he won't eve... with his balls - no you silly, this Testicle Plush from I Heart Guts (or if you're more into sappy d...  ...display of love and emotions, how about the Heart Plush ?)
H1N1 Swine Flu Giant Microbe Plush Toy

Swine Flu / H1N1 Virus Giant Microbes - $7.95With... so ... cute? Here's the popular Giant Microbe plush toy based on cause of the global flu pandemic. Get yo...  ...ay!From the Neatorama Shop: H1N1 Swine Flue Virus Plush Toy
6 Weird, In a Cute Way, Plush Toys

Our very own Neatoramanaut Jill Harness wrote this...  ...ver at InventorSpot about 6 "weird art" plush toys . I'm going to quibble with her and say that these...  ...and say that these are 6 "omigosh cute" plush toys ... case in point: HaminalHaminal was the brain c...

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