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Corn on the Cob Pillow

A warm ear of corn smothered in butter just feels... Weng Jie made that fantasy a reality with this pillow design called the Sweetcorn Pillow . Each kernel is attached with the core with Velcr...  ...Velcro, which is a mat that can be unrolled. This pillow
15 Fun and Goofy Pillows

Etsy seller Yulia Donath made this paired set of pillows that would be perfect as a romantic gift. They sa...  ...may not be a good pick.These are 1 of 15 quirkly pillow designs rounded up by Renee Jacques at the Huffin... the Huffington Post. They include unusual body pillows...
Pac-Man and Wonder Woman Guitar Pillows

Etsy seller Natalie has an original idea for a cra...  ...lie has an original idea for a craft: pop culture pillows . Specifically, she makes pillows that look like electric guitars and are covered i...
Happi Tooth Fairy Animal Pillow

Happi Tooth Fairy Animal Pillow (sold individually)Will the Tooth Fairy be making...  ...te this milestone with a Happy Tooth Fairy Animal Pillow from the NeatoShop. This adorable plush pillow features a heart shaped pocket perfect for holdin...  ...olding a tiny tooth. The...
Shark Tooth Fairy Pillow

Shark Tooth Fairy PillowAre you hunting for a sweet way to celebrate your lit...'s big milestone. Capture the Shark Tooth Fairy Pillow from the NeatoShop. This ferociously fun plush sh...  ...r more great Plush Toys and fantastic Tooth Fairy Pillows . Link
Minion, You Need This Clap Trap Pillow!

If you ever played Borderlands, then you either lo...  ...r way, you'll love to punch or hug this Clap Trap pillow by Etsy seller Cyberscribe. The shop also sells o...
Wonder Woman Ring Pillow

You might not have a dad cool enough to make you a...  ...ler BridalBliss2000 sells this great Wonder Woman pillow as well as a few other geektastic ring pillows
Vulture Hook Pillow

Vulture Hook PillowDo you find your home decor dead and uninviting, but...  ...over? Freshen up your look with the Vulture Hook Pillow from the NeatoShop. Nothing adds buzz to your hom...  ...thing adds buzz to your home decor like a buzzard pillow . This *strong class="match...
This Pillow Is Just Plain Terrible

(Video Link)Or at least this squirrley c...  ...omment on YouTube, the kitty ends up drowning the pillow because, as everyone knows, " Pillows can't breathe below bed-level."Via Pet's Lady

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