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Egg and Pancake's Precious Halloween Costumes

After I recently put up a post about animals that...  ...friend's Facebook post showing her cats, Egg and Pancake , in their Halloween costumes. Pancake , the orange kitty, isn't just a cheerleader, she'...  ...orable together.Oh, and in case you're wondering, Pancake is a boy a...
Leggo My Eggo...

Michael Goudeau made this for The Pancake Project. He tells us it is, indeed a real Eggo wa...  ...tells us it is, indeed a real Eggo waffle in the pancake 's hand. Link -via Neatorama's G+ page
Kansas Is Flatter Than a Pancake

(Image credit: Flickr user Patrick Emerson) by... answer the question “Is Kansas as flat as a pancake ?” While driving across the American Midwest, i...  ...r travelers remark, “This state is as flat as a pancake .” To the authors, this adage seems to qualitati...  ...survey 2. This obvious ques...
Pancake Venn Diagram

Stephen Wildish (previou...  ...(previously on Neatorama) explains what pancake
Categorization of Baked Goods and Pancakes in English and Chinese

J.M. Errington of Haonowshaokao blog is an Englishman who studied linguistsics and is currently teaching English in Beijing, China, so he'd know about this: how to categorize...
3D Dinosaur Fossil Pancake

We've featured the crazy cool creations of Jim's Pancakes before on Neatorama, but this one takes the cake...  ...eatorama, but this one takes the cake (or perhaps pancake ): the 3D Dinosaur Bones Pancake
Pancake Art

Michael Goudeau's Pancake Project is a compilation of his pancake , waffle, and toast art, as well as photos of user...
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