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Accursed Onions of Doom

Well, no wonder those onions always make you cry. The accursed onions
Onion Reveals Its True Evil Face

This is why cutting an onion makes you cry. It's because it's evil* *A...  ...evil* *Actually it's because of cutting an onion breaks its cells open, thus releasing enzymes tha...  ...yes produce more tears to wash it away. In short, onions make you cry b...
Simple Trick for Chopping Onions Without Tears

Earlier today on my Swedish blog, I published...  ...about a simple way to avoid crying when chopping onions . It turned out that a lot of people didn't kno...  ...some plain water in your mouth while cutting the onion and you can wave goodbye to those tears. From...
8 Unusual Chocolate-Covered Foods...

Olivia Putnal of Woman's Day has pictures and...  ...and squid. Pictured above is a chocolate-covered onion , which photographer Jean-Paul de Guzman described...  ...her Jean-Paul de Guzman described as eating a raw onion
Hibachi Onion Volcano

[YouTube - Link] "Slice an onion , separate into rings, and stack it to make a cone...
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