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How NASA Kept the ISS Flying While Harvey Hit Mission Control

Talking with family members about the floods in Ho...  ...people to sleep.”Read an account of running NASA
NASA's Ambitious Plan To Save Earth From A Supervolcano

Yellowstone National Park's many thermal mineral s...  ...nic activity underneath the ground. Scientists at NASA are convinced that the threat of a supervolcano e... of an asteroid or comet hitting the earth.When Nasa scientists came to consider the problem, they fou...
Jupiter's Closeup...

NASA 's Juno mission captured this image of Jupiter on...  ...this magnificent picture in higher resolution at NASA . -via Gizmodo(Image Credit: NASA
NASA is Still Tracking Voyager I and Voyager II

NASA launched Voyager I and Voyager II in 1977, on a 1... to fund. However, scientists and engineers at NASA and the Jet Propulsion Lab had higher hopes for t...  ...lar system. Possibly even more surprising is that NASA engineers are still monitoring the mission.All ex....
Job Opening: Planetary Protection Officer...

NASA has a job opening for a "planetary protection off... in even before the application period opened. NASA responded with this letter, explaining more about...  ...ead more about the job requirements and duties at NASA
NASA Rocket Launch Will Create Blue-Green and Red Clouds Tonight

NASA is launching an information-gathering rocket from...  ...four or five minutes after the rocket takes off, NASA will deploy 10 soda can–sized canisters ful... aren't close enough to watch. (Image credit: NASA )
Jupiter's South Pole...

NASA 's Juno probe entered orbit around Jupiter a year...  ...o mission and what it's learning about Jupiter at NASA . (Image credits: NASA
The Tradition of the NASA Wake-Up Call

NASA began the tradition of playing music to wake up a...  ...ung by Jack Jones. From that time until 2011, the NASA wake-up call has been a surprise for the astronau...  ...llo Dolly" parody was the first wake-up call, but NASA Chief Historian Bill Barry told PRI that it may h....
Seven New Exoplanets Discovered, Three Possibly Habitable...

NASA has announced that the Spitzer Space Telescope ha... one another. Read more about the discovery at NASA
38 Facts about NASA

[] (YouTube link)Ameri...  ...ube link)Americans have a weird relationship with NASA . The National Aeronautics and Space Administratio...  ...can never overestimate the body of knowledge that NASA has contributed to mankind. So let's learn some t...  .... So let's learn some things w...

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