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The Top Five “Racing Down a Hill” Scenes in Movies

The scene in a movie where the characters race down a hill is not limi...  ...It happens in crime capers, sports films, action movies , and can even show up in a comedy. The purpose is...  ...t that bit of a thrill without watching an entire movie by checking out the downhill...
The Top Five Fictional Insane Asylums in Movies

Admit it, as soon as you saw the name of this list...  ...have been much longer. It's probably because some movies are careful to call such a facility a "psychiatri...
Our Favorite Fictional Sports Announcers in Movies

Sports broadcast hosts, play-by-play announcers, a...  ...color commentators: you find them in every sports movie to help us keep up with the action, because the b... watch clips and look back at some great sports movies .
The Top Five Car Salesmen in Movies

The vocation of car salesman has long been used as...  ...ption for more than it's really worth? That said, movies tend to take the metaphor to ridiculous lengths f...  ...of the funniest depictions of car salesmen in the movies in a video list at TVOM.
50 Years of Planet of the Apes...

Did you know that Planet of the Apes was originall...  ...s://] (YouTube link)The ninth movie with Planet of the Apes in the title will be out...  ...weekend, so it's time to a look back at the many movies , TV shows, books, comic books, and more that take...
Five Movie Scenes Where Snakes Were the Main Character

Do you hate snakes as much as the average person?...  ...on? Do you get a chill even when you see one in a movie ? You're in for some chills, then, when you check...  ...n, when you check out a collection of videos from movies you've probably seen, with snakes taking center s...
5 Great Movie Scenes That Take Place on the 4th of July

A great way for summer movies to emphasize that it is summer in the story, and...  ...nd to get audiences to relate good times with the movie experience, is to feature an Independence day cel...  ...tic mood, you might want to check out some iconic movie scenes that show our Fou...
The Most Successful Movies in History

You might already know that the 2009 movie Avatar is the biggest money-making movie in history, with a global box office of over $2 b...  ...However, if you ignore the value of a dollar, the movie making the most money will always be relatively r...  ...haven't been beat. Ch...
The Biggest Movie From the Year You Were Born

If you were born any time in the last 100 years, t...  ...born any time in the last 100 years, the biggest movie of that year will be listed at Thrillist. But the...  ...Thrillist. But there's more: you'll find out the movie that made the most money that year, the movie that wo...
Bloopers and Ad Libs that Stayed in the Movies

Sometimes actors go off-script while filming a movie , either intentionally or accidentally. It could b...  ...YouTube link)In this video, Looper explains great movie

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