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Is it Unhealthy to Stand in Front of a Microwave?

[]YouTube LinkHave you...  ...ou ever had anyone warn you not to stand near the microwave as it is cooking? Watch as Mental Floss takes on...
Metal in the Microwave Explodes—Or Does It?

We all learned early on not to put metal in the microwave . How dangerous is it, really? The answer is a con...  ...lectrons freely floating around between them. The microwave radiation will attract all these electrons as it...  ...these electrons as it bounces around inside your microwa...
Microwave Case Mod

Don't starve! Don't leave the computer, either! The kitchen is fifteen feet away, and nothing there is worth that much trouble. Get this case mod which was on display at the 2003 Consumer Electronics Show. Spoiler: t...
What Happens inside a Microwave?

(Video Link) Marc Kossover attached neon ligh...  ...t bulbs to a sheet of acrylic and put it inside a microwave . As the oven operated and microwaves
The History of Microwave Cooking

From Raytheon's radar business to your breakfast o... your breakfast of leftover pizza, the story of microwave cooking is an interesting read. Like computers, t...
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