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In Defense of the Word "Like"

Oh my, how times change. A decade ago, proponents... of English were bemoaning the use of the word " like " as an annoying filler in the language of younger...  ...und Neatorama. Now, those who grew up sprinkling " like " throughout their spoken dialogue are defining it...  .... Cohen remembers intentio...
no. 785 - -@JoeFelice...

Liked something in real life. Looked for like button. Was disappoint.‏ @JoeFelice
For Those That Like What They See

The Facebook bra is a great way to boost your...  ...fidence or a great way to show your lady that you like what she's packing. Link Via BuzzFeed
Pixel Pad (Like)

Pixel Pad ( Like ) - $3.95 Do you feel the need to tell people whe...  ...l the need to tell people when you really, really like something? You need the Pixel Pad ( Like ) from the NeatoShop. This handy dandy pad come wi...  ...e with 200 thumbs up sticky notes.  Go ahead an...
You're, Like, So Not Getting The Job

Do you, like , have trouble getting a job? Maybe it's how you u...  ...ouble getting a job? Maybe it's how you use " like " when you talk. Don't laugh - it's now scien...  ...ourse markers such as “uh” and “ like ,” sex of an interviewee, and pr...
Like & Dislike Stamps

Like & Dislike Stamps - $12.95 You are opinionate...  ...opinionated and web-savvy! That's why we Dislike Like you!  The Like & Dislike Stamps from the NeatoShop were made...  ...made for you! Your opinion matters.  Use the Like...
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