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Meet Master Lolo, "The Bruce Lee of Car Guards"...

(Photos: The Independent)This is Master Lolo and,...  ...other name. He has a second-degree black belt in karate and knows how to use those nunchucks. He works ou...  ...dquo;Our training makes us dangerous weapons, but karate is about discipline,” he said.“You ha...
Stop-Motion Karate

Two yellow belts practicing their moves in the park see a girl, and the instinct to impress makes them kick it up a notch, stop-motion style! Somehow, I don’t think this is exactly the way Bruce Lee did it.[https:/...
Man Karate Chops Flaming Boards, Plays Electric Guitar

[] (Video Link)In his Life of Julius Caesar, the Greco-Roman historian Plutarch described a time when the future dictator of Rome read a biography of Alexander the Great. It sad...
Terrible Karate

[] (YouTube link)Not everyone can be Bruce Lee. However, many characters in TV and movies think they can, because they've seen a Bruce Lee film or two. This supercut from Slackstory highlights...
Secret to Karate Expert's Powerful Chop: It's the Brain!

Hi-yah! Karate experts are able to generate extremely powerful p...  ...erences in brain structure between 12 karate practitioners with a black belt rank...  ...rank and an average of 13.8 years’ karate experience, and 12 control...
Nuns Learn Karate and Aikido

(YouTube link) This sounds like a documentary... the moves! -via reddit Previously: The real Karate Nuns.
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