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LEGO Rolls-Royce Jet Engine

Meet the Rolls-Royce of LEGO creat...  ...f over 150,000 bricks, complete with 160 separate engine components: Rolls Royc...  ...ftsmanship and working of the complex engine . It took 152,455 Lego bricks to make 160 separate...  ...,455 Lego bricks to make 160 separate *strong class=...
Porsche Modded with a Boeing Jet Engine

How do you make a Porsche 928 even better? Add a B...  ...e a Porsche 928 even better? Add a Boeing turbine jet engine !Bonus: flame shooter lets you roast marshmallows...  ...coupe!LinkPreviously on Neatorama: Ron Patrick's Jet -Powered Volkswagen Beetle and Honda Scooter
5 Suspiciously Modern Ancient Technology...

Stacy wrote a neat post about 5 ancient technologi...  ...he piece, let me just do a meta-post :)Here it is: Jet engineA jet engine in the first century B.C.? Perhaps. A jet engine in the first century A.D.? Definitely. The aeolip...  ...A.D.? Definitely. The aeolipile is a...
Truck With a Jet Engine

Photo: John Masterson The Frictionator is a For...  ...F650 pickup truck equipped with a 7,000 hp GE J85 jet engine . Joe Arnold's monster truck is capable of reachi... street legal (so as long as you don't use the jet engine ). Official Website via GearFuse | Video
Jet-Powered Merry Go Round

(YouTube Link) The Madagascar Institute is a...  ...s." The artists are especially fond of attaching jet engines to large sculptures and improbable vehicles. Mos...  ...they made a two-person carousel powered by small jet engines . The action in the above video starts at the 1:2...
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