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Jell-O Salad: The Rise and Fall of an American Icon

There was a time when women’s magazines were...  ...ime when women’s magazines were filled with Jell-O recipes, enough that you could serve breakfast, l...  ...kfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, all containing Jell-O . It seems strange now, but the history of the f...
The Jiggly History of Jello

Every once in a while, you see recipes from the 1950s for th... recipes from the 1950s for those horrid molded Jello salads made with tomato or celery flavored Jell-O . The history of *stron...
The 1950s’ Most Nauseating Jell-O Soaked Recipes

Postwar America in the late 1940s was ripe for "be...  ...g through chemistry" and new processed foods. The Jell-O company took advantage of this and developed recipes for the suburban house...  ...eloped recipes for the suburban housewife to show off her culinary skills and st...
Literal Jell-O Shots

Want to serve Jell-O shots at you Halloween party, but want the presen... the theme? Then try serving them in syringes or even an IV bag. My Science Project has some other great holiday cocktail ideas as well.Link
Timey Wimey Jell-O in A Jar

Nothing like a little Doctor Who Jell-O to get you pumped up for the next episode. If you...  ...or the next episode. If you you want to make your own galaxy in a jar, Bakingdom has the recipe.Link
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