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These World Cup Hot Dogs Will Fill You with National Pride and Heartburn

Even if you can't attend World Cup matches in pers...  ...and the comfort of your own couch. Grill up some hot dogs and turn on the TV set. But if you can make it to...  ...the WDOG food seller. It created these elaborate hot dogs inspired by the flags and traditional foods of co...  ...ompeting countries.Pictur...
How to Build a Solar Hot Dog Oven in a Pringles Can

You don't need a fire to have a good cookout. As l...  ...s it's at least 80ºF outside, you can cook a hot dog inside an empty can of Pringles potato chips....  ...ringles. Then cut a window into the can. Skewer a hot dog and place it inside. Glue a layer of plastic...  ...170ºF. Over time, that's enou...
Bacon and Sausage Encased Whole Hot Dog & Bun

How do you like your hot dog? Just mustard, relish and sauerkraut isn't en... looks too..., uh, good to eat. He began with a hot dog in a bun, which he then wrapped with sausage....
Groundhog Hot Dogs

Groundhog day is on February 2. Or, if you're Bill...  ...cookies. This is a similar project. Her groundhog hot dogs stick into a muffin or biscuit for a warm spring....  ...cheese, a black food coloring pen and, of course, hot dogs .-via Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons
Hot Dog in a Hot Dog

(Photo: Rhodes International)Here's a fun food cra...  ...mpany that makes Rhodes Dinner Rolls created this hot dog dish. As you can see from the instructional v... by wrapping unbaked dinner roll dough around a hot dog. Bake it for 15-20 minutes, then add facial f...
Tornado Hot Dogs

(Photo: Jenn's Journey)It's like a sharknado made...  ...y)It's like a sharknado made out of pork! Tornado hot dogs are spiral cut potatoes threaded over long hot dogs . They're often served at fairs and carnivals. You...
Hot Dogs or Legs?

(Photo: unknown)The photoblog Hot -Dog Legs asks a simple question: are you looking...  ...looking at a photo of a pair of legs or a pair of hot dogs ? It's often hard to tell.Link -via David Burge
Care for a Fish Hot Dog?

(Photo: Itai News)What should we call it? A fish d...  ...: Itai News)What should we call it? A fish dog? A hot fish? Either way, in Japan, you can buy an ayu fi...  ...d to tail.Hey, don't knock it. At least with this hot
Poutine Hot Dog

Did you know the 23rd was National Hot Dog Day? I certainly didn't, but if I did, I'd ce...  ...ave tried my hand at making one of the many tasty dogs featured on Food Beast that day. I'm particularly...
Hot Dog Vendor in a Kayak

McCovey Cove in San Francisco Bay lies just beyond...  ...PN and its ad agency hired a kayaker to sell them hot dogs :Enter London Van Der Kamp, a professional kayaker..., Wieden+Kennedy, was targeted to be a floating hot dog vendor for the night. His job? To serve other...  ...the night. His job? To serv...

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