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A Hamster’s Weird Anatomy and Physiology

If you’ve never kept small furry pets in a c...  ...y pets in a cage before, it may be hard to tell a hamster from a gerbil from a mouse from a Guinea pig. Hamsters have some features that make them well-adapted fo...  ...(YouTube link)The takeaway from the video is that hamsters...
Hamster Has Nap Attack

[]YouTube LinkA hamster is feeling relaxed and in a safe environment amon...
Yes, That's a Hamster Walking on a Leash

ハムスター散歩してたwwwww pic.twitter....  ...all of our lives are better for it. We need more hamsters walking out in the world to bring smiles to our f...
One Hundred Years of Hamster Beauty in Sixty Seconds

[]YouTube LinkMashable...  ...le parodies the "100 Years of Beauty" videos with hamster model Joy showing off her sleek, trim figure, glo...
Sleepy Hamster Doesn't Want to Get out of His Bed

It's time to wake up, furry friend!Well, I don't b...  ...nd blanket. Rocket News 24 tells us about Maru, a hamster
This Dog’s Best Friends Are 8 Birds and a Hamster

Everyone, meet Bob. He’s a kindly Golden Ret...  ...azil with not just humans, but also 8 birds and a hamster . He’s got to be the chillest dog who ever l...
Hedgehog and Hamster Hang out at a Tiny Cafe

[](Vide... Humphrey J. Hedgehog and his friend Coco the hamster visited recently. They snacked on nuts and sipped...
The Lazy Hamster

[] (YouTube link)You kn...  ...figure out an easier way to do it. That goes for hamsters , too! This little guy figured out how to get that...
Tiny Hamster in a Tiny Mansion

[] (YouTube link)The ti...] (YouTube link)The tiny hamster is back! We’ve seen him eat a tiny burrito...  ...edgehog birthday party, and now we get to see the hamster in his tiny mansion. He gets out of his tiny bed,...
How to Flatten a Hamster

[] (YouTube link)Did yo...  ...0HRs0FY2U] (YouTube link)Did you know that when a hamster is relaxed, it turns into pancake batter and flow...  ...o;s done. Careful, or you might have some relaxed hamster

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