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How to Flatten a Hamster

[] (YouTube link)Did yo...  ...0HRs0FY2U] (YouTube link)Did you know that when a hamster is relaxed, it turns into pancake batter and flow...  ...o;s done. Careful, or you might have some relaxed hamster
Hamster Butts

There are 19 pictures of hamster butts in a list at Sad and Useless. That at first...  ...dd, and then indeed sad and useless. But the more hamster butts you look at, the funnier they get. The proc...  ...goes a little like this: What's so special about hamster butts? Well, they...
Can A Hamster Drive A 15-Ton Truck?

(Video Link)We've seen a hamster on a piano eating popcorn, but that's a far cry f...
Hamster Dress Up

The blogger at Mythillogical- Myths & Fabricat...  ...ications said her daughter wanted to dress up her hamster in doll clothes. Mom had a better idea. The trick...  ...explore holes in a box. With a camera ready, the hamster (named David Bowie) did just that. See more pictu...
Fact: Hamsters Are Huge Fans of Jell-O

Zoey the hamster can't wait to try out the first recipe from her n...  ...recipe instead. Believe it or not, the book is a hamster
Mamma Hamster

[] (YouTube link)Isabel...  ...Green Porno series. In the introductory video, a hamster mamma explains why they sometimes eat their babie...
Hamster Eats a Pretzel Stick

[] (YouTube link)The pr...  ...he pretzel stick is about twice the length of the hamster
Hamster Goes Upstairs

[] (YouTube link)You ca...  ...81pIgNAaDe0] (YouTube link)You can almost see the hamster wheels turning in this little guy's mind: "I thin...
Hamster Plays Dead

Move over, possum! There's a new a...  ...with much more dramatic flair. Meet, the hamster
Bizarre Items Left at Travelodge Hotels...

Did you leave your phone at the...  ...udget hotel chain include Frederick the Hamster and an 18-month-old baby. Among...  ...r moments later. An energetic Roborovski hamster was also found in his cage in Knutsford,...

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