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The Lazy Hamster

[] (YouTube link)You kn...  ...figure out an easier way to do it. That goes for hamsters , too! This little guy figured out how to get that...
Tiny Hamster in a Tiny Mansion

[] (YouTube link)The ti...] (YouTube link)The tiny hamster is back! We’ve seen him eat a tiny burrito...  ...edgehog birthday party, and now we get to see the hamster in his tiny mansion. He gets out of his tiny bed,...
How to Flatten a Hamster

[] (YouTube link)Did yo...  ...0HRs0FY2U] (YouTube link)Did you know that when a hamster is relaxed, it turns into pancake batter and flow...  ...o;s done. Careful, or you might have some relaxed hamster
Hamster Butts

There are 19 pictures of hamster butts in a list at Sad and Useless. That at first...  ...dd, and then indeed sad and useless. But the more hamster butts you look at, the funnier they get. The proc...  ...goes a little like this: What's so special about hamster butts? Well, they...
Can A Hamster Drive A 15-Ton Truck?

(Video Link)We've seen a hamster on a piano eating popcorn, but that's a far cry f...
Hamster Dress Up

The blogger at Mythillogical- Myths & Fabricat...  ...ications said her daughter wanted to dress up her hamster in doll clothes. Mom had a better idea. The trick...  ...explore holes in a box. With a camera ready, the hamster (named David Bowie) did just that. See more pictu...
Fact: Hamsters Are Huge Fans of Jell-O

Zoey the hamster can't wait to try out the first recipe from her n...  ...recipe instead. Believe it or not, the book is a hamster
Mamma Hamster

[] (YouTube link)Isabel...  ...Green Porno series. In the introductory video, a hamster mamma explains why they sometimes eat their babie...
Hamster Eats a Pretzel Stick

[] (YouTube link)The pr...  ...he pretzel stick is about twice the length of the hamster
Hamster Goes Upstairs

[] (YouTube link)You ca...  ...81pIgNAaDe0] (YouTube link)You can almost see the hamster wheels turning in this little guy's mind: "I thin...

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