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Acrobatic Goat Can Balance All 4 Feet on a Tiny Platform

[](Vide...](Video Link)Rani the goat from Karachi, Pakistan seems to defy gravity as h...
Reddit Photoshop Battle: This Rather Smug Looking Goat

Original Image: THE Picture of Goat DefianceIt could be Kim Jong-Un bending over. Per...'s chesty breastal regions. Or it may just be a goat . The goat above, in fact. Some think this little guy's expr...  ...proud. Personally, I think it vaguely resembles a *strong cl...
Volunteers Needed to Snuggle Baby Goats

(Photo: Caromont Farm)Caromont Farm in Alebemarle...  ...Alebemarle County, Virginia is a dairy. It raises goats and uses their milk to make cheese.The staff expe...  ...ggles and bottle feedings every 4 hours. The baby goats will have lots of hay, little sweaters, and heate...
Goat Intended for Tiger's Lunch Becomes His Friend Instead

[](Vide...  ...s at the Primorsky Safari Park in Russia shoved a goat inside the tiger enclosure to be the tiger's food...  ...r didn't hunt him. Instead Amur the tiger and the goat that zookeepers have named Timur are friends. The...  ...t, would be even better accommo...
Man Uses Custom Prosthetics in His Quest to Live as a Goat

(Photo: Tom Bowditch)He's living the dream, I tell...  ...ll you. None of us have come as close to the full goat lifestyle. But there he is, beside his caprine br...  ...roject inevitably led him to attempt to live as a goat . He explained to the Daily Mail that this animal-...  ...u’re an idiot”. So...
Cat Not Impressed by Baby Goats

Moo is a barn cat at Sunflower Farm Creamery. She&... out for vermin and even sits and supervises goats when they give birth. When week-old kids Lady Bug... wants a little nap. While Moo has seen lots of goats come and go, everything is new to the bouncy goats...
Lithuania's Goat Beauty Pageant

(Image: ITN)For more than 500 years, the Lithuania...  ...ian village of Ramygala has been renowned for its goats . They're the prettiest in the land! That's why, e...
The Running of the Goats

The tiny goats of Sunflower Farm Creamery, who we last saw weari...  ...u see them take a run with the humans while their goat moms take a dinner break. They will soon be sold...  ...break. They will soon be sold as pets or milking goats . -via the Presurfer
Baby Goats in Pajamas

Here’s your daily dose of squee: When it&rsq...  ...Supply. It’s enough to make you want a pet goat
Goat Prefers the Lights On

Coleg Cambria’s Northop campus in Wales has...  ...ts were reported on after hours frequently at the goat barn. The staff all swore that they turn the ligh...  ...e real perpetrator turned out to be a Bagot billy goat named Jake.Staff were working in the barn when th...  ...ved, but are also proud of their...

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