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The North-Going Goat and the South-Going Goat

Last weekend, two goats were discovered to be in a predicament after they...  ...about 200 feet into their adventure, so the brown goat turned around to go back.The brown goat managed the trick. "He walked out to a concrete p...  ...department of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.Th...
Coyote and Goat are Best Friends

[] (YouTube link)Under... link)Under normal circumstance, a coyote and a goat would be predator and prey. No so for these two....  ...hat they both have access to a generous supply of goat chow and coyote chow, or they wouldn't be the obv...  ...usly happy friends they are. Let...
The Ridiculously Photogenic Goat

Look at this goat . Just look at it! Redditor arnathor met this goat and had to take a picture to share. According to...  ...a picture to share. According to commenters, the goat has the hair of Gandalf or Tom Petty (personally,...  ...nd the Beast, but he is a ridiculously p...
47 Goat Kids Rush to Breakfast

As the kids at Sunflower Farm Creamery (previously at Neatorama) are weaned, they are separated from their mothers for longer periods of time so they will learn to eat grain and hay and to drink water. But in the morning...
Yoga with Goats

Images: @Jenness Farm Do...  ...Images: @Jenness Farm Downward goat pose, anyone? Move over, hot yoga, there's...  ...there's a new yoga trend in town: yoga with baby goat . You can't bleat that! Jenness Farm in New...  ...New Hampshire held a yoga class attended by baby *strong cla...
Two Goats, One Pot

Two goats in Nepal got their heads stuck in the same jar. W...  ...force. Wouldn't it have been easier to shove one goat
Gävle Goat Destroyed in Record Time

Varvar ner efter kalaset med en riktig guldrulle...  ...of Gävle, Sweden, have erected a giant straw goat to celebrate Christmas. This year was special, as..., as it was the 50th anniversary edition of the goat . However, in many of those years, the goat became a v...
Duck Costume Comforts Goat

Leanne Lauricella runs the rescue group Goats of Anarchy. One of her recent rescues is a blind,...  ...One of her recent rescues is a blind, underweight goat named Polly, who has other medical issues and sev...
The Seance...

If you haven’t checked in with Liz Climo lat...  ...spooky comic is “I ain’t afraid of no goat .”
JFK's Goat-Out-the-Vote Campaign

Goats have figured in several political campaigns, but...  ...nedy’s favor was an unexpected boost from a goat

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