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The Seance...

If you haven’t checked in with Liz Climo lat...  ...spooky comic is “I ain’t afraid of no goat .”
JFK's Goat-Out-the-Vote Campaign

Goats have figured in several political campaigns, but...  ...nedy’s favor was an unexpected boost from a goat
Two Goats and a Couch

This is why we can’t have nice things. Someo...  ...we can’t have nice things. Someone let the goats in the house. They found the green velvet couch.[...  ...[] (YouTube link)Now, goats , especially young goats , are curious. These two had...
Quotes About Goats

The following article is from Uncle John’s F...  ...a lot of sense… even if they are all about goats . “The more the billy goat stinks, the more the nanny goat loves him.” Belgium “If you put a sil...  ...dquo; Belgium “If you put a silk...
Dances With Goats

You’ve seen dogs dance with humans in canine...  ...freestyle competitions, but have you ever seen a goat dance with a human like that? Or a chicken? These... with a human like that? Or a chicken? These goats do, and more besides. They run agility courses, a...  ...dPwWFvfk] (YouTube link)Marie V...
Two-Legged Goat Learns to Walk

A goat (described as a lamb in the video description) wa...  ...e link)Now almost five months old, the two-legged goat is not exactly keeping up with the other goats
The Running of the Goats

The Covington Farmers Market in Covington, Kentuck...  ...on opening Saturday by staging The Running of the Goats . The name was meant to evoke images of the Runnin...  ...ssured people on its Facebook event page that the goats would not be running rampant. They would be march...  ...ching to the market, escorte...
Why the US Army Is Buying Foam Goats

(Photo: Haley Cartwright)Time magazine reports tha...  ...eports that the Army needs realistic-looking foam goat props. It also needs realistic dogs, cows, chicke...  ....” That’s because, for want of a foam goat
A Farmer Monkey Visits his Goat and Chickens

Only in Russia. A farmer monkey checks out his livestock. And since it is Russia, he’s wearing a serious snowsuit.[] (YouTube link)The second time you watch this, turn on the auto-transl...
Goat is Just Hanging Around

This goat was just doing his goaty thing near Tempi, Greece, and the next thing he k...  ...if you understand Greek. They managed to get the goat down by pulling him back toward the cliff. The goat wandered off without so much as a “t...

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