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Fish Makes Daring Escape

It was an unlikely plan, but our hero had nothing to lose. If he didn't get out of the grocery store, he'd eventually end up eaten. He mentally prepared himself, then leapt for freedom.Be sure to watch the entire video t...
Finding Dory Isn't So Great for Our Fish Friends

The internet is abuzz with the release of Finding...  .... You see, despite Finding Nemo showing that wild fish belong in the wild and not in fish tanks, sales of clownfish skyrocketed after the f...  ...y. That means every single blue tang in someone's fish tank came from th...
Fish Can Recognize Human Faces

(Photo: Makuahine Pa'i Ki'i)Perhaps, to the fish in your aquarium that you love, you're not just a... discovery, as it was previously thought that fish lack the cognitive abilities necessary.
Fish Trapped inside a Jellyfish

A photo posted by Tim Samuel (@timsamuelphotog... could see freedom just a few inches away?This fish has.-via reddit
Fish Pops up to Drink Beer

[](Vide...'s a hot day out on the lake in Brazil. The fishermen brought beer to help keep themselves cool and hyd...  ...generously share with one of their new friends--a fish
Tuna vs. Seagull...

Normally, it’s the seagulls who eat the fish . In this case, a seagull, probably named Jonah, f...  ...o;t so tasty after all. Tuna normally eat smaller fish , and the feathers must have been a surprise for h...  ...ers must have been a surprise for him, so the big fish sp...
A Viking Funeral Fit for a Fish

Imgur user chilly911 lost his pet fish of 6 1/2 years last week. Since the fish , Peeping Tom, lived in his bathroom, watching him...  ...he deserved a funeral of a warrior. He built the fish a tiny ship loaded with matches in order to provi...  .... Oddly, this is not the f...
Porcupine Fish Refuses to Abandon Trapped Best Friend

[](Vide...  ...while snorkeling in Chaloklum Bay, Thailand. The fish was caught in a net. The snorkler used a broken b... The snorkler used a broken bottle to cut the fish free of the net. That was a challenge, as the net... insisted on staying close by....
Dog Plays with Fish

[](Vide...  ...with his scaly friends. He eagerly jumps in. The fish respond enthusiastically, but I'm not sure that t...
Cat Catch a Fish

[](Video Link)Or he tries. Oh, does he try! Trent Vanderheiden says that Scat, his wife's cat, uses this hunting technique frequently. It never works, but he keeps trying.-via N...

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