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The Fire Truck Will Get Where It Needs to Go Even If It Has to Push a Police Cruiser out of the Way

A building on Montreal caught fire last September. Firefighters were eager to get to it as soon as possible, for...  ...hich has very narrow streets. It was hard for the firefighters to maneuver their fire truck to the scene. The fact that...
The Dachshund Fire Truck

Crusoe is "the Celebrity Dachshund." So he's famou...  ...t.In this quick 6-second video, he's dressed as a fire truck. When there's a fire in the kitchen, he comes rolling in! It's just a...
The Fire Truck Was a Bad Idea

As Dana Barzilay said, "When tempted to fight fire with fire , remember that the Fire
The 10 Strangest Fire Trucks Ever Built

Why did this fire truck need such big tires? Because it was in Anta...  ...ires? Because it was in Antarctica. In 1974, this fire truck serviced McMurdo Station. It's one of ten o...  ...ed McMurdo Station. It's one of ten of the oddest fire trucks ever built, including one buil...
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