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Determined Ferret Opens Drawer

This little ferret wants the dresser drawer open, and will not give...  ...s! You have to wonder what's in there. Maybe it's ferret treats, but it could be something as simple as un...
Friendly Ferret Fight

Just like two young brothers do, the ferrets Atlas and Orion squabble over their water dish. W...  ...they wrestle for a while. Who won? If you ask the ferrets
Ferret in Fence Flummoxed Firefighters

This ferret was found hopelessly tangled in a fence in Ossett...  ...irefighters cut a section of the fence around the ferret . The ferret was taken, fence and all, to Abbey House Veterina...  ...around his middle as he is really quite a chubby ferr...
Mother Ferret at Work

A mother's work is never done. Jill the ferret is busy putting her babies to bed. She takes the...
Six Ferrets and a Cat

One of these things is not like the others. A fami...  ...s not like the others. A family that had six male ferrets took in an abandoned 5-week-old kitten. They name...  ...5-week-old kitten. They named her Komari, and the ferrets took to her like she was one of them.Komari event...  ...mari eventually grew to b...
Dog vs. Tube Ferrets

The corgi stalks his elusive prey: the tube ferrets . Or vice versa. It's not clear who's hunting whom...  ...g this contest of wits. The dog has size, but the ferrets have maneuverability. Place your bets.[https://ww...
Ferret Builds a Nest

[] (YouTube link)A ferret finds a place to hide, and then proceeds to take...  ...s of nice laundry to sleep on. I love the way the ferret goes in butt first in order to drag the precious...
Sleepy Ferret Collapses into Zzzs

[]YouTube LinkThis ferret has obviously had an exhausting day of ferret play and is at his consciousness' end. His human'... to collapse (not that he spent a moment of ferret
Playtime for Ferrets

[] (YouTube link) Ferrets Teun, Yuki, and Spike have it made, with all thes...  ...introduced into the mix at about 2:40. The brave ferrets can hold their own against the mechanical monster...
Found: Cat Snake...

A found pet ad was posted at Craiglist for Richmon...  ...could attain adulthood without ever hearing about ferrets

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