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There's an Crocodile at the Bottom of the Escalator!

Photo: SAT0725/reddit Maybe we shou...  ...hows a 3-D crocodile waiting at the bottom of the escalator . The ad campaign for Wild World with Richard Rasm...  ...n for Wild World with Richard Rasmussen asked the escalator users "Ready for ad adventure through the Br...
There Are Only 2 Escalators in Wyoming

In the 97,100 square miles that constitute the Sta...  ...nstitute the State of Wyoming, there are only two escalators : one at a mall in Jackson and another at an airpo...  ...t's it. Megan Garber of The Atlantic explains why: Escalators may be magical machines, the stuff of literature...  ...ople-movers. "Ther...

(YouTube link) Chloe says "Bye!" to everyone wh...  ...ays "Bye!" to everyone who is going away down the escalator
Colombian Slum with Giant Outdoor Escalator

It may be a slum, but it's a slu...  ...may be a slum, but it's a slum with an escalator ! Officials in Medellin, Colombia, have...  ...Colombia, have inaugurated a giant outdoor escalator in one of its poorest slums:...  ...building. Now they can ride an *strong class="m...
Could Fire Truck Ladders Be Replaced with Escalators?

Orville Douglas Denison thinks that telescopin...  ...efighters on something like a conveyor belt or an escalator : In a rescue, firemen could extend Denison’s...
An Escalator Than Can Handle Curves

(Video Link) The Levytator is a free-form escalator that can bend and curve as needed by architects....
Duck Family Climbing an Escalator

[YouTube Link - via Kinda Unique] Cuteness: t...  ...eness: this family of ducks is trying to climb an escalator ... the wrong way up!
Blonde Going the Wrong Way on an Escalator

The Bruins game is over, but the entertainment doe...  ...of this (blonde) lady going the wrong way on the escalator ...Go, lady, go! Link [embedded YouTube clip]
Escalator Marketing

Some clever uses of escalators as street marketing devices. Don't miss the escalator
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