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5 Fascinating Facts: Echidna

Short-beaked echidna . Photo: Jeroen Visser/Shutterstock Quick:...  ...d penis, and no nipples? The answer is the echidna , one of the strangest animals that exist on Earth...  ...ere are Neatorama's Five Fascinating Facts about Echidnas : 1. *str...
Ungrateful Echidna Pooped in Rescuer's Hat

Add echidna to the list of the world's most ungrateful animal...  ...25-year-old Munro Hardy happened upon the echidna wandering in a gold mine in Australia,...  ...pulled on a pair of leather gloves to pick up the echidna , which rolled into a ball t...
Echidna Puggle

[] (YouTube link)You do...] (YouTube link)You don't see an echidna at this age as a rule -it's supposed to be still...
Echidna Babies From Australia

These little critters, known as puggles when t... critically endangered cousins, the long-beaked echidna of New Guinea. Link Images Via Lincoln Baker
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